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Conceptual Plan- 1283
Front Elevation - Conceptual Design #1283
Here’s another conceptual plan! Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback!

conceptual design 1283 floor plan

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6 comments on “View Our Newest Conceptual Design!

  1. Cheryl Stanion on

    Overall, this seems to be competitive with today’s market trends. The pantry is good, the Master Suite is good, and the porch, foyer, dining, great room, back porch & screened porch are wonderful. I always have a problem with the two other bedrooms being so very small. I would opt for another 4 foot onto the outer edge of those making the bathroom bigger, too. Now, since I’m a woman-of-the-house, I always look at the kitchen and the laundry first, I say, first. I like that the double sink is not up against a window. But, I dislike that the counter space is cut to almost nothing on the right side of the sinks. Why do people think that is okay? In my book, that is not okay; for several reasons; food prep and dishes routing if a person uses dish drain. The laundry would be super-fantastic if the storage space in the garage were “somewhere else” and the laundry was extended towards the outer wall incorporating a window, if not, a separate exit to slab. The exterior of the building is very attractive with the roof line the way it is. But, I’d be much more apt to go for a plain ranch with basement with that roof line instead of the bonus room. and, I’d make the stairwell be a “U” shape, or an “L” shape and extra wide and wider stairs gentle sloping.

        • Emily on

          It does not include the screened porch, only the heated/cooled living space. The bonus room is counted separately also.
          At this point, we still don’t have a completion date scheduled for this plan, but if you are certain this is The One, you can place an order for it and we will start production. It takes approximately 12 weeks to complete a conceptual design once an order is placed.
          Give us a call at 1-(800)-388-7580 and we can take your order and give you an estimated completion date!


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