Tips to Utilize a Narrow Lot to Your Homes Advantage

Utilizing A Narrow Lot To Your Advantage

The Leland is designed for a narrow lot.

The Leland – 50’0″ x 58’8″

If you’re considering building a home on a narrow lot, you will need to know how to make the most out of the space. With the right narrow lot home designs, you’ll find that narrow lots have quite a number of benefits. Here are some ways that you can use your narrow space and your home plan to your advantage.

Benefits of a Narrow Lot

Whether you chose a narrow lot out of necessity — you’re building in an area where land is hard to come by, or simply because you wanted to save money — you will find that smaller/narrower lots can be quite beneficial.

  • You will have significantly less yard to worry about, which means less maintenance, mowing and related expenses.
  • Building on a narrow lot also provides greater affordability. The smaller the piece of land you’re buying, the less it will cost.
  • Narrow lots are more environmentally friendly, as you’ll use less water and fewer chemicals keeping your yard looking great.
The Maxwell home plan is designed for a narrow lot.

The Maxwell – 50’0″ x 62’2″

Narrow lot home plans also feature innovative design elements that maximize every inch of space, providing storage where space may have been wasted, and opening the design to increase living space in a small footprint home.

If you think you’ll be forced to build a small home if you purchase a narrow lot, rest assured this doesn’t have to be the case. Many narrow lot homes are quite spacious, mostly by utilizing space vertically instead of horizontally. Then again, if small house plans appeal to you, you will also find a number of small homes that work quite well on a narrow lot.

The Norfolk home plan is designed for a narrow lot.

The Norfolk – 40’0″ x 66’4″

Trust Donald A. Gardner Architects for Narrow Lot Home Designs

Donald A. Gardner Architects offers a number of home designs, plans and layouts in all shapes, sizes and budgets. Our goal is to provide options for lot sizes of all types in a number of architectural styles — and to fit a number of budgets. You can browse our home plans to find one to fit your narrow lot, then purchase the plans for your home building process. With the large number of narrow lot home plans we offer, you will be able to find something that suits your tastes.

Donald A. Gardner Architects offers variety, too, helping you avoid the cookie-cutter homes seen in some neighborhoods. We also have a modifications team that can customize any of our existing home plans to your specifications. Did you fall in love with a plan but wanted to have a larger master suite? Let our modifications team know, and we will work to adjust the plan accordingly.

If you own a narrow lot or are building a home for a customer who has a narrow lot, you will find the narrow lot house designs you need with Donald A. Gardner Architects. Browse our home designs today, or contact our team directly for help with your options, and see just how unique and spacious a home on a narrow lot can be with the right plan!

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