The Urban Farmhouse – What is it?

House Plans That Utilize Urban Farmhouse Design

The Coleraine is an urban farmhouse design.

The Coleraine Plan 1335

Create Unique Style With Urban Farmhouse Designs 

If you enjoy design elements from both traditional and modern homes, you may appreciate a house plan that blends the popular features of each into one cohesive design. That is exactly what you get with Urban Farmhouse design, it’s a modern twist on a traditional home. These designs perfectly blend classic elements with modern amenities, providing you with a unique look that will fit your personal style.

The Liam is an Urban Farmhouse design.

Design In Prgress – The Liam Plan 1461

Urban Farmhouse Design Elements 

In an Urban Farmhouse, traditional Farmhouse features combine with modern trends to create an updated and fresh take on a classic. These homes are known for a blend of horizontal and vertical siding, open floor plans, covered back porches and metal roofs. The Coleraine is a perfect example of an Urban Farmhouse, and the look is distinctive. Often, large front porches will wrap around the home from front to back, and the roof will feature a steep pitch with dormers and gables. These homes feature the overall look of a farmhouse but with a modern twist.

Versatile Style for Any Setting 

Urban farmhouse home plans are a great fit for homebuyers who want something unique. They also work well for those who want to build, but are still trying to decide on a style that fits their needs. These homes fit in well in the country, city or suburbs because of their blended style that embraces a variety of architectural elements. These plans are also great for builders that want to offer their clients something distinctive.

The Nelson is a transitional design Urban Farmhouse

The Nelson Plan 1416

One of the primary focal points of these house plans is the large gathering place they almost all contain, as clearly seen in The Nelson. This makes them an ideal choice for those who enjoy entertaining or anticipate having large family gatherings. With one of these plans, you will have plenty of space for these activities.

Find a Wide Range of Plans From Donald A. Gardner Architects

If Urban Farmhouse plans appeal to you, you have come to the right place. Donald A. Gardner Architects has beautiful home plans from which you can choose. We can even customize your plan to make it uniquely yours, allowing it to perfectly fit your needs and choices. Use the advanced search to find a home plan that embraces everything you’re looking for in a new home, or contact us directly to discuss your needs with our experienced team.

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