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In this three part series, we walk you through the artistic process of creating a home plan rendering!

Do you ever look at our gorgeous home plan renderings and wonder about the artist who creates them? Or the process that she goes through to produce such detailed images? We are continuing our step-by-step walk-through with Anita Bice to learn just that!

Part 2: Picking up where we left off, the client was given several views to chose from.

This is the blockout view chosen by my client.

Home Plan Rendering - The Kingston #1325

Creating a Home Plan Rendering – Part 1

In this three part series, we will walk you through the artistic process of creating a home plan rendering!

We live in a visual world. Where seeing images and color brings ideas to life. When creating our home plans, it’s important that we offer a visual representation of our homes’ exteriors.  That’s where our art illustrator comes in!  The talented Anita Bice creates our gorgeous color renderings that color life and depth into flat drawings.

Color home plan Rendering - The Kingston #1325

10 Tips For Choosing The Right House Plan

Building your home is an exciting opportunity — because instead of trying to make an existing residence work for your lifestyle and needs, you get to handpick the best house plan to suit you.

House Plan The Carrera #1178

From knowing the numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms you’d like to deciding the preferred layout for your family’s needs, each decision goes back to finding the right house plan that works perfectly for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind: