Small House Plan | Tips for Building Small

What you need to know about building a small house plan.

There are many reasons why you may want a smaller home. The adult “kids” might have already moved out as you are looking to downsize. You may want to build a small house as a second vacation home in the mountains, by the lake or on the beach. Another reason could involve building a small house that better accommodates your finances and upkeep schedule. There are many factors to consider when deciding on the right small house plan. Let’s take a look at some house plan styles as well as other factors to keep in mind to maximize the available space.

Front exterior of small house plan 757, The Tanglewood.

The Tanglewood House Plan 757

One and Two Story Designs for Small Living

Take into consideration the lot size and your lifestyle to select the perfect small house plan. Many of these custom small homes can fit on lots ranging from 1,042 square feet to 1,800 square feet. If you are looking for a small house plan just for yourself or a loved one on a tiny lot, a ranch-style house with all the rooms on the ground floor may suffice. If you want more bedrooms, a two-story home plan lets you build up to accommodate more square footage.

Front exterior of small house plan 1428, The Oscar.

The Oscar Home Plan 1428

Small House Plan Ideas for Functionality and Comfort

Due to having less space, you need to consider the size and shape of every available room. When choosing a small house plan, imagine all the furnishings, appliances, wall shelves and cabinets that you want. This will help you pick the most suitable floor plan for your needs.

You may decide to go with an open floor plan when building a small house to provide more functionality within the space. Yet you should also think about the position of the rooms: Do you want the kitchen near the front door so you walk less when carrying in groceries? Where would you like to position the bedroom in a one-story house to provide privacy away from a noisy living room and dining room? All these factors must be carefully planned so you are happy with the location of the rooms in the house.

In addition, contemplate your storage options for smaller homes. With a limited floor plan, you may appreciate a bonus room for storage and seasonal items. You may also consider built-in shelves, cabinets, and bookcases to maximize floor-to-ceiling space.

Front exterior of small house plan 1422, The Sawyer.

The Sawyer House Plan 1422

Donald A. Gardner Architects Providing Small House Plan Services

Whether you are a homeowner trying to decide if a small house is right for your needs or a contractor looking to build a small house for a client, Donald A. Gardner Architects offers the desired small house layouts.

Our plans capture the latest house style trends for bungalows, cottages, Craftsman houses and ranch homes. In addition, we offer modifications, so you can obtain a unique layout that fits into your preferences and lifestyle.

Reach out to our professionals at Donald A. Gardner Architects. We have the small house plans and services to help you select your dream home.

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  1. Judith F Bayless on

    I built one of these plans when I downsized and love it….very little I would change…
    Did make the Master closet go the full lenth of wall giving me about a 6′ x 20′ closet…
    Otherwise, by plan…


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