What’s Considered A Small House Plan? | Small vs. Tiny House

What Is Considered A Small House Plan?

As you consider options for building a house, you may find yourself veering away from a small house plan because you fear that you won’t have enough room. Images of the popular tiny houses that try to cram everything into less than 300 square feet may make you feel leery of even looking for small designs. However, the reality is that what is considered a “small house plan” may surprise you. Here’s what you need to know about small homes.

What Is Considered A Small House Plan?

The Runnymeade – 1583 sq ft

Small House Plan vs. Tiny House Plan

If your image of a small house is a home smaller than an apartment, then you are actually thinking of tiny house floor plans. What is a tiny house? A tiny house measures around 322 square feet or smaller. These homes are about the size of a garage; often have lofts to add additional living space; and focus on dual-purpose features and structures, like a couch that doubles as the bed.

The tiny house movement has grown in popularity as social media and television programs have drawn attention to it. The smaller the house, the less it costs to operate and maintain, and this adds to their popularity. Tiny houses are trendy, but for many they are not practical.

What Is Considered A Small House Plan?

The Marley – 2046 sq ft

Those who want to enjoy a smaller space, but aren’t quite ready to commit to a tiny house, can benefit from small house floor plans. What is a small house plan? The answer is not definitive, and it depends largely on what your goals are for your space and what the average home size is in your area.

Today, in a society where homes often have well over 3,000 square feet, the definition of “small house” has changed. Now, a small house is often considered anything with 2,500 square feet or less, which is right about average for the size of homes. Some even consider anything less than 3,000 square feet “small.”

What Is Considered A Small House Plan?

The Ivy Creek – 2193 sq ft.

Like tiny houses, small houses have design elements that help them feel bigger than they are. Vaulted ceilings, open layouts, minimalist designs and functional outdoor living spaces combine to make small houses feel larger and more open.

What Is Considered A Small House Plan?

The Travis – 2863 sq ft.

What Size Is Right?
Is a small house plan right for you? What size home do you really need? As you’re considering home plans for your family, there are a number of considerations to make. Ask yourself:

  • How many people need to live here?
  • Do I want to entertain?
  • Do I have any large pieces of furniture or special needs to accommodate?
  • Do I need to run a business from my home?

The answers to these types of questions will help you determine what home size is the ideal fit.

Are you thinking that small home plans are right for you? Donald A. Gardner Architects has a number of small floor plans that will meet your needs well. Browse our available designs to find your next new home idea today. You just might be surprised at what is considered a small house!

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    Looking to build a small 2 story loaf home with 2-3 bedrooms if possible. very open concept with lots of windows and roof top balcony for entertaining.


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