Check out these three floor plan options with a Farmhouse exterior!

By: Echo Dempsey
Floor plan comparison - The Hickory Ridge

The Hickory Ridge #916

The Hickory Ridge is a popular Farmhouse style home plan. It brings country charm with twin gables, an arched entryway, columns and a brick facade. To provide customers with options we created a smaller version with The Peppermill and Conceptual design #1374 is a modernized version.

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The Hickory Ridge #916

At 3167 sq ft, this floor plan offers spacious living. The dining room and great room are large and ideal for hosting guests. The kitchen features a central island and a walk-in pantry nearby while over-sized bedrooms bring a luxurious feel to this floor plan.

Floor plan comparison - The Hickory Ridge

Floor plan comparison - The Hickory Ridge

The Peppermill #1034

This floor plan comes in at 2586 sq ft. and is a scaled down version of The Hickory Ridge. It still brings you all the Farmhouse charm in a smaller package. The powder room replaces the pantry and each room gives up a little square footage to accomplish and smaller footprint.

Floor plan comparison - The Peppermill

Floor plan comparison - The Peppermill

Conceptual Design #1374

With approximately 3180 sq ft, this conceptual design is a modernized version of The Hickory Ridge. The formal dining room is eliminated and in its place, the utility room gets a lot more space. A screened porch with nearby storage closet is added and the kitchen becomes more open to the great room.

Conceptual Design #1374: First Floor Plan

Conceptual Design #1374: Second Floor Plan

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  1. Kathryn on

    I like exterior look with the covered porch for protection against the elements, the biggest thing I would change swap the kitchen and the MB – have the kitchen to the front of the house so you can see out as would be on a farm for anyone coming up a drive. and have the outside wall of the kitchen and front with windows and counter only – back wall on interior has upper cabinets or pantry style and upper cabinets. Dining are to the rear of the plan or swapped out with the study and the laundry room off the back with an entrance. That way all your quiet view is out the back and the more noisy view is out the front

  2. Vee on

    Hickory Ridge 916 would be my choice.
    The Peppermill does not allow for much entry space…stairs are very close to the door. There is no pantry in the kitchen so alternative storage/shelving would be needed and since the space is more compact, where could you place it?
    The conceptual is very nice but laundry noise at the front door or while working in the office/study could be a problem.


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