The Oliver – Home Plan 1427

A rustic-style exterior meets a modest and open floor plan in this thoughtful, Craftsman design. The kitchen cooktop-island overlooks the great room and the spaces share a cathedral ceiling. A luxury screened porch enjoys a fireplace for year-round enjoyment and is topped with a cathedral ceiling and skylights. A mud room, oversized utility room, and walk-in pantry provide added functionality.

Check out the front rendering of home plan 1427, The Oliver.

3 beds, 2 baths, 2000 sq ft.

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Check out the first floor plan of home plan 1427, The Oliver.

80’9″ x 72’4″

Check out the bonus room of home plan 1427, The Oliver.

Compare to the original sketches!

New House Plan on the Drawing Board #1427 is a small one-story design with a rustic exterior and angled garage!

Check out the front elevation of home plan 1427, The Oliver.

Conceptual Design #1427

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Conceptual Design #1427 is a modern approach to The Anniston house plan #540. This design offers copious curb appeal with an angled garage, decorative gables adorned with timber wood accents, a shed dormer, and columned porch. Stone and shakes combined with a metal accent roof for a rustic exterior.

This floor plans thoughtful layout maximizes its square footage. The open kitchen with island shares a cathedral ceiling with the great room. Built-in book shelves and a fireplace add functionality to the great room and screened porch features a second fireplace. A stylish dining area with columns and a tray ceiling is the perfect gathering space for family meals.

The master suite enjoys privacy at the rear of the home and opens to a relaxing porch. An over-sized walk-in closet, dual vanities, garden tub, and walk-in shower complete the master suite.  A multi-functional utility room, coat closet, and pantry are nearby.  On the opposite side, secondary bedrooms share a full bath.    The angled two-car garage offers entry to the home through a mud room. Find a garage storage closet for outdoor equipment.


Check out the first floor plan of home plan 1427, The Oliver.

Homeowners looking for additional square footage will enjoy the spacious bonus room above the garage. Add a forth bedroom or an entertainment room away from the main living space.

Check out the bonus room of home plan 1427, The Oliver.

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88 comments on “HOME PLAN 1427 – NOW AVAILABLE!

    • Echo Jones on

      Hi Liz! We have not received any interior photos of The Oliver yet, but we know of a couple of homes that are in the process of being built so hopefully we’ll get some completed photos soon!

  1. Amy on

    Has anyone built this plan and shared pictures yet? Or do you have 3D technology to allow a better view around the inside? Thanks!

  2. Tish McKenzie on

    We are empty nesters and are downsizing. This plan is perfect for us. Great for family gatherings with the open space. LOVE IT! That only thing I would add is a bathroom or at least a half bath at the bottom of the stairs of the bonus room. Would there be room for that? We are set with a house site and ready to go as soon as our house sells! This is the plan!

  3. Denise and Peter on

    Love this plan! I am wondering about the dormer with the shed roof. Is this over the dining room? If so, how does this work with the ceiling in that room? If not, where is this dormer?

  4. Lynn bastianon on

    Love the house would love to see the dining room as a den and patio off kitchen as dinning room. Building a home in Montana view of the mountains. Farm kitchen table and fold to the side windows that open to the patio on n the left.
    Just dreaming anyway love it

  5. Mary Stadel on

    You design such lovely homes with great layouts. What makes them so attractive is the high pitched roof lines but builders in our area are not so keen on that plus I love to decorate for the Christmas holiday and have a hard time getting people in our area to put lights on the steep roofs. I would love to see you do alternate roof plans with lower pitch which still includes the bonus area and have the option to order the steeper pitch or the lower pitch without having to wait for the plans to be redesigned – kind of like you offer the plans with 2×6 walls rather than 2×4 or the crawl space/basement option. I would also like to see an option for 3 car garage vs 2 car garage on your plans. I think the option of the lower roof pitch could be a substantial savings to those of us who are trying to stay within a budget. It might be more time consuming for you in the beginning to add in these options but I would be more willing to spend the money to just order the plan if I did not have to wait for redesign process and then have to pay additionally by the hour.

  6. Elmo on

    We have property, a contractor, and ready to break ground
    ASAP…and this is the plan (with addition of basement) we have settled on. We have a few modifications we would like to discuss at the appropriate time. We are ready to purchase the plan. When can this plan be made availabele ?

  7. Adrienne on

    My husband and I LOVE this plan! We’d like the option of a 3 car garage and stairs to the basement. The land we are currently interested in, the developers would like to see a copy of the floor plan. How would we go about doing this if the plan is still in progress?

    • Echo on

      Hi Adrienne, at this point in the design process, I’m afraid we do not have more detailed drawings to show of Design 1427. The floor plans shown on the blog are usually very close to the final design and we are currently showing the square footage as 1999 sq ft for total living, 740 sq ft for the garage and storage, and 500 sq ft for the bonus room. Our design team can help with projections on a three-car garage and basement addition if you are interested in modifications.
      Also, if you are interested in purchasing this plan, we can move it up on the completion schedule – contact our customer service team for more information – 1-800-388-7580 or [email protected].

  8. Ronda Freeman on

    I keep coming back to this plan. It is lovely. We will be building in the next year and I think this just might be it. I printed a copy of that sketch to fiddle with and I agree with Monica and Mike concerning the half bath, or even a whole if you can squeeze in a small shower, under the stairs or in that storage area for easy Bonus room access. I also penciled in a pocket door for the two bedrooms as previously suggested.

    Maybe move the closet in the first bedroom to the right and close off the foyer allowing you to expand the shared bathroom just a bit into that closet space?

    I would remove that hallway closet and expand the pantry with a small half door or pocket in the hallway to slide groceries directly into the pantry from the garage without having to walk all the way around through the kitchen? I’m hoping to grow old in my next house, I’m all about saving steps!

    Thank you for listening to our suggestions and for your beautiful designs!

  9. Raul Pastrana on

    I like the layout of the plan. Couple of questions.
    If I don’t need the bonus room stairs. Can the master closet and bath be expanded?
    And do you have the plan with a third car garage?

  10. Lisa on

    Are you planning on making a version that has stairs to a basement? I never really considered an angled plan but the more I look at them the more I like them.

  11. Denise Judd on

    Your plans are beautiful. I am old and I have lived in several houses. My husband and I both worked and we raised children. For this reason I always go directly to the Master bedroom when I look at a Floorplan. If I would not be able to get ready, dressed, and leave without waking my husband (without trapsing throught the bedroom after getting up) I move on to the next plan. For me, separation of the master from the bath and closet are a must. Even now, retired, I look for that for resale value. In my opinion, in another 20 years, anything else will be functionally obsolete.

  12. Kathy on

    This is definitely my favorite Plan so far. It’s the perfect size for my husband and I when we build a house in the next year or two. I love the large laundry area with separate mud room, cathedral ceilings and the open floor plan. The screened porch and fireplaces are great too. I would prefer to have a small office/computer area where the garage storage area is under the stairs and possibly make the bathrooms a slight bit bigger. Other than that this is perfect. When will it be available?

  13. Ronda Freeman on

    I love this plan as well. Would love to see it on the fast track. We haven’t made definite plans yet, but this is for sure our favorite.

  14. Laura Hamilton on

    Reconfigure the laundry room to include the mudroom and design as home office or sewing room. Love it. Especially the screened in porch with fireplace.

  15. Steven Harper on

    I have been “window” shopping for quite some time now, and always come back to Don Gardner’s designs. I like this because of the absence of the nook, and bedrooms on opposite sides of the house. I am curious what could be done with this floor plan with an extra 1000 sq ft. I like the plan, but am thinking a bit bigger great room, master and master bath and it would be great to see a more integrated porch design which spans the back of the house, kinda’ like in the Solstice Springs, with the deck. Outdoor covered porches and outdoor living areas are paramount for us.

  16. Jeanne Leonard on

    This plan is near perfect for me! I am dead set on a utility ROOM, not a hallway utility room! Hubs thinks I am crazy, but I think most women would agree with me. We have been looking at angled plans which will work well on our property. Also, I just mentioned the other day that I really don’t need a kitchen nook and a dining room. One or the other is fine as long as it is big enough. I dream of a window over my kitchen sink and had just about given up on it. AND the plan we had been considering has the entrance to the master suite in the corner of the kitchen nook which I think would annoy me! Why should you have to walk around a table to get to your bedroom…..You must have been reading my mind! When will this plan be available?

    • Echo on

      Hi Jeanne! We so glad to hear that you love this design! We’ve been listening to a lot of customer feedback and a lot of them feel the same way as you about a single dining area and large utility room.

      This design was just released as a conceptual plan in April to get feedback from potential customers. If it’s popular it may eventually get added to our portfolio but we don’t have any plans at this time. If you are sure this is the design for you, contact our customer service team to see about placing an order. That will get it on our schedule and we’ll be able to give you a time-frame for completion. If you’re needing something quicker, we may be able to assist with modifications on another design, and incorporate the features that you like from this plan. We’re happy to help! 1-800-388-7580 or [email protected].

      • Jeanne Leonard on

        So today, I come across this plan is progress……and guess what? It is this same plan I had my eye on in July! Hubs kind of scratched this plan for another one he liked a little better, but I showed him this today and other than trying to add a half bath off the garage and maybe extending the master bedroom a couple feet, he likes it! Since I found it all over again and determined that this was the same plan I found as a conceptual plan it must mean this is it. Hoping to be contacting you within the year to purchase!

  17. Kelsey Duer on

    This is the closest plan I have found to what my husband and I want. We would remove the 2 extra bedrooms and place them upstairs with an open loft area above the great room as well as add an unfinished daylight basement. Any chance you want to make these changes for us?!!!! I have been searching for over a year looking for the perfect plan and we are just about to have it custom designed for us because we can’t find anything… this is the closest!

  18. JB on

    Do you have anything similar in the 2200 square foot range? I would also like a little less angle to the garage with a third car option. This angle with a 3rd car option seems to swallow the rest of the house.

  19. Ginger on

    I LOVE this plan but . . . . is there a smaller version you could suggest to me. Don Gardner plans are the best! We are ready to build! Thanks!

  20. Monica on

    I love this floor plan! I think a half bath in the mud room area would be nice for quick access from the bonus room, kitchen, and garage.

  21. Nathan on

    This is a very well thought out design. Considering most adults do the laundry it is nice to have them on the same side of the house as the master bedroom. Unlike other split layouts with the laundry close to the garage but the master on the opposite side of the home.
    Kitchen at the rear with easy access to the outdoor area for outdoor entertaining won’t have to carry the food far from where it is prepared.
    Rear access from the Master is also very nice – aka letting the dogs out in the morning/evening.

  22. Mike Taphorn on

    Assuming a crawlspace foundation, it would be good to sneak a half bath under the stairs up to the bonus space, even if had to reclaim the storage space adjacent to the garage. If you do incorporate that storage space as well as the under-the-stair space, you could add a window to the powder room where the external door to the storage was.

    The addition of this “public” powder room or half bath would allow the owner to reserve the bath serving the two bedrooms for their occupants. To give those two bedrooms’ occupants some privacy and noise reduction while the public areas are in use, I would propose a sliding pocket door between the foyer and the hall between the bedrooms. This way, the kids in those bedrooms could get up and use their bathroom without being seen from the public area. Maybe not necessary, but I think it would make it quieter for those bedrooms.


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