Portico Entry Styles | House Portico Designs Explained

Portico Entry

In terms of boosting curb appeal, creating a strong first impression, and increasing overall property value, you can’t beat a portico entry.

Portico Entry - The Carrera #1178

The Carrera #1178

A front door portico is the kind of feature that makes for a stunning entrance, while also setting the stage for beauty to continue inside. It also offers some shelter for you or guests when you’re stepping inside from the rain or snow. Once added to a home, a portico can incorporate benches, plants, mats and more, all showcasing your personal style.

Portico Entry - The Runnymeade #1164

The Runnymeade #1164

Types of House Portico Designs

To demonstrate the versatility porticos offer, here are some of the best styles and types of house portico designs available:

  1. Columned Portico. Since porticos have long been used in Ancient Greece and Italy, it only makes sense that portico columns are still popular in modern designs today, highlighting the stately columns signature to their European ancestry. Yet even within this type of portico, there are many variations. There are porticos with Craftsman columns, two columns, four columns, long porticos with six columns that create mini porches, and more.
  2. Enclosed Portico. While many porticos are only covered, with the sides and front open to the air, there are also enclosed porticos available, creating mini entry rooms to their homes.
  3. Stone Porticos. Stone porticos have a wonderfully timeless look that can beautifully complement a home’s design.
  4. RoofOnly Portico. Even just a covering over the front entrance can create a portico entry, with a mini roof jutting out of the house above the front door.
  5. Balcony Portico: Some porticos are designed with flat roofs that are surrounded by railings. On their own, these faux balconies are just for aesthetics, but when they jut out from a second-story window or door, they create balconies.
Portico Entry - The Rockledge #875-D

The Rockledge #875-D

Tips to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Portico

Whether you select a house plan that already includes a portico or want to customize a design to include one, here are some tips for making sure the portico is a good fit:

  • Consider Your Home’s Style. Some porticos, like the small, roof-only option, can work well on any style of home. Others, like a very large, enclosed porch, for example, will need to carefully complement the architecture of your entire home in order to work.
  • Choose the Right Size. Small homes typically won’t have enormous porticos, just as huge estates won’t have tiny ones. Think about the scale of the portico as it relates to your residence.
  • Know What Your Purpose Is. Are you looking for a mini porch, or do you just want a boost in curb appeal? Are you interested in adding an enclosed portico, or will doing so make the front of your home too dark inside? Know what you’re looking for in a portico before moving forward.
Portico Entry - The Santerini #868

The Santerini #868

For a boost in outdoor aesthetics and a place to avoid the rain while you fumble with your keys, consider adding a portico entry to your home. At Donald A. Gardner Architects, we offer several house plans that already incorporate this architectural feature or we can make modifications to add a portico entry if your favorite design doesn’t have one. Get in touch with us to learn more about incorporating a portico into your home!

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