Outdoor Living Trends | Backyard Living Ideas for Summer

Outdoor Living and Backyard Trends for Spring and Summer

Outdoor living allows you to enjoy your home and yard in a fuller sense. Rather than a few chairs on the patio, today’s outdoor living trends bring all of the features and functions of your home outdoors. Not only do you get a fun space to relax and unwind, you extend the square footage of your home and add value exponentially. Here are some of the top backyard living ideas to watch.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens upgrade the simple grill station with counters, running water, refrigerators and other amenities. It’s so much more convenient to cook and entertain outside than run back and forth from the indoor kitchen. This is a top desired trend among new homebuyers.

Fire Features

Who doesn’t love a fire feature? Whether it’s a freestanding fire pit that’s easy to move about or a built-in custom feature that serves as the hub of your outdoor living room, outdoor fireplaces provide gathering spaces for friends and family. A fireplace can be as casual or formal as you want, and it pairs naturally with other elements of an outdoor entertainment system such as outdoor movie theaters, sound systems and outdoor bars.

Ceiling Fans

Sitting outside in the hot summer months can be unpleasant, even if your backyard porch or patio is shaded. When you add a ceiling fan to move the air, you will be able to use your outdoor living room year-round.

Classic ceiling fans are a smart idea for traditional homes, as they blend with the style of the home. If you’re interested in a modern home, you’ll find an inspiring lineup of next-generation fans. These powerful fans combine sleek shapes and organic textures (such as sustainable wood) with a strong motor — improving your comfort and the value of your home.

Bar and Grill Areas

Piggybacking on the rise of the outdoor kitchen comes the outdoor bar — the natural evolution of standing around the patio with a beer, waiting for the burgers to finish cooking. Multifunctional bar and grill areas — where you cook, relax and entertain — offer the most value because they’re in line with what homebuyers crave. A fully stocked bar area with glassware and beverages reduces trips into the house.

Home Plans With Outdoor Living Features

At Donald A. Gardner Architects, we offer more than 1,100 home plans with built-in outdoor living space. Whether you’re looking for a screened-porch, outdoor kitchen, covered porch or other feature, you’ll find it in our gallery of home plans.

Using our fully rendered gallery of home plans, you can preview top outdoor living features, decide what’s right for you, and finalize your home plan search with less stress. We are always here to answer questions or provide assistance finding the right plan for you. We can further customize your preferred plan by incorporating your style choices and adjusting the layout so it meets your needs. Contact us to learn more about our home plan search tool or to discuss ways to add the outdoor living features you want to your home plan.

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