Number of Bedrooms | How Many do you Need?

How To Determine The Number Of Bedrooms You Need

Selecting the right custom house floor plans allows you to decide on the placement of your living spaces, kitchen and bedroom areas. You can adjust the floor plan to allow for optimal room flow. While picking out the right layout for your common areas, you also should decide on the number of bedrooms you will need in your custom home.You obviously want to have enough sleeping spaces for your entire family without having too many bedrooms that will go unused.

Here are some important factors to consider when deciding on the number of bedrooms to place into your custom home.
Number of bedrooms in The Hollowcrest house plan 5019.

The Hollowcrest House Plan 5019

Lot Size and Zoning Codes

Before looking at your lifestyle and family members, consider how large of a lot on which you are building your home and the local zoning restrictions. You may want many bedrooms, yet have a small lot. With this arrangement, you would need a floor plan that smartly uses vertical building space. However, you may also be limited on the height of your home. Certain zoning regulations may restrict the number of stories that can be put in place. Both lot size and zoning codes can play important roles in the number of bedrooms you can place inside the house, as well as bedroom sizes.

Number of bedrooms in The Roseburg home plan 1378.

The Roseburg Home Plan 1378

Current and Future Family Needs

Normally, you would decide on the number of bedrooms based on family members. But what if you hope to have more children in the future? You may want extra bedrooms available. In the meantime, you can convert the extra rooms into a home office or craft/hobby room so you can put these spaces to good use.

Number of bedrooms in The Oscar house plan 1428.

The Oscar House Plan 1428

Guest Rooms and Mother-In-Law Suites

Will aging parents live in the house one day? Will you need guest spaces for relatives who visit during the holidays? These are additional factors to consider. If you enjoy having relatives over to spend weekends in your house, or you want aging parents to have a dedicated space in your home, you’ll need to think about how to accommodate those needs.

Number of bedrooms in The Hollowcrest home plan 5019.

The Hollowcrest Home Plan 5019

Getting the Right Floor Plan for Your Home

It’s important to have options when it comes to deciding on the right home style and floor plan for your needs. With Donald A. Gardner Architects, you can browse a large selection of home plans that will provide you with a wide selection of layouts and bedroom options. Whether you want a one-story, three-bedroom house (such as The Winston), or a larger Craftsman ranch with an extra bedroom that could be converted into an in-law suite (such as The Harrison), Donald A. Gardner Architects will bring your design ideas into reality. In addition to having a large selection of house floor plans, we offer modification to customize any plan to fit your needs.

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