NEW HOUSING TRENDS 2015: Creative Ways To Maximize Small Spaces

By Chuck Tripp

NEW HOUSING TRENDS 2015: Creative Ways To Maximize Small Spaces. (The Larson Plan #360

It seems these days everyone is concerned about square footage. Is my house big enough? How much space do I need? Should we put in another bedroom?

Do we need an extra bath? Should we finish the basement? Should we add an extension? And so on and so forth. At Donald A. Gardner Architects we understand the challenges families face to maximize their living space to meet their unique needs. That’s one of the reasons we supply so many options for homeowners and builders. Over the years, and by following the latest trends, we have discovered a number of creative ways to maximize the living space you have in a small house. Here are a few examples:


We can all be pack rats. And clutter is the #1 enemy of living space. Many families, especially those with small kids, have tons of stuff, much of it old plastic toys or stuffed animals that have served their purpose.

Kid's Bedroom of The Heywood House Plan 991: De-Clutter

Kid’s bedroom of The Heywood Plan #991

Think High

Functional space is vertical, not just horizontal. There are lots of creative ways to “add space” between the furniture and the ceiling, including book cases, or hanging objects.

Built-in Cabinetry in the Great Room of The Nicholson Home Design 1021: Think High

Built-in cabinetry in the great room of The Nicholson Plan #1021

Customize Nooks-and-Crannies

Remember, you are not bound by the walls within each room. You can build in little hideaways, storage cabinets, bookshelves, toy stashes, and more.

Recessed shelving in the Great Room Wall of The Silvergate House Design 1254-D: Customize Nooks-and-Crannies

Recessed shelving in the great room wall of The Silvergate Plan #1254-D

Open Things Up

Often times a home can be perceived as small or compartmentalized simply because of the room design—or by having too many small rooms. Opening up the sight lines and eliminating walls creates the impression of more space and better flow.

Open kitchen, great room, breakfast room, and dining room in The Sorvino Floor Plan 1222

Completely open kitchen, great room, breakfast room, and dining room in The Sorvino Plan #1222.

Lose The Hallways

Hallways are one of the biggest inhibitors of functional living spaces. Though they technically count as square footage, they generally serve no value to the living experience. By choosing floor plans that are open and minimize interior walls, you add to your home’s living space and visual appeal.

Open living spaces of The Larson House Plan 360: Lose the Hallways

Open living spaces of The Larson Plan #360

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2 comments on “NEW HOUSING TRENDS 2015: Creative Ways To Maximize Small Spaces

  1. Carrie Jasmin on

    Interested in your upcoming plan #1341. We would like to have a bonus space above garage. How would a modification look to do that? We would like to talk to our builder about this plan but a bonus space is a must.

    • Echo on

      Hi Carrie, a designer would have to determine the details of adding a bonus room to this plan. They will have to determine if there is enough space, floor to ceiling, above the garage and accommodate a bonus room or if the roof might need to be raise. They also have to find a location for the bonus room stairs. They would likely bump out the garage about 4 feet to insert the staircase. Submit a modification request form to discuss this request with our designer.


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