NEW HOUSING TRENDS 2015: Countertops aren’t what they used to be

By Chuck Tripp

There was a time when the countertop, like the kitchen itself, was a mere product of functionality. A place to cut, slice, dice, mix, pour, batter, and spin ingredients into creations that became food. Occasionally the house cat would take a nap atop the counter, but outside of that, its value was minimal.

Boy, have things changed. Countertops today are the embodiment of artistic creation, emblems of sophistication and finery that are designed as much for appearance as they are for utilitarian service. They come in a range of styles, colors, textures, widths, composites, metals, rocks, marble, granite, you name it. It is not by chance that the evolution of the countertop, as we know it today, has kept pace with the trend to make one’s kitchen a centerpiece for friends, family, food, and fun. For 2015, we will see many of these trends evolving into new possibilities that solidify the kitchen as a true living space to be savored and enjoyed.

Here are just a few countertop trends we found on Houzz for 2015:


There was a time, just a few years back, when granite was the latest rage. True, it’s been popular for a while, and for good reason. Granite is durable, adds originality, and allows for customization to fit your design motif.

Custom Granite Countertops in the Kitchen of The Fincannon Home Design 1234

The Fincannon Plan #1234. Click for plan details.


The mere name is synonymous with sophistication and regality: “the countertop for kings and queens,” some often quip. Marble is also tough, heat resistant, and ideal for rolling dough (which won’t stick).

Marble Countertops in the Master Bath of The Silvergate Floor Plan 1254-D

The Silvergate Plan #1254-D. Click for plan details.

Stainless Steel

If commercial kitchens use it, you know it’s going to be tough and stand the test of time—and be easy to clean. Stainless steel has become somewhat mod with homeowners who tend to gravitate toward a clean, linear design with stainless appliances.

Stainless Steel Countertops in a Country Kitchen

via Pinterest


It’s not just for bathrooms anymore. Actually, it makes for some fancy, artsy, and affordable countertop designs. Of all the options available, tile is arguably the most customizable—whether it’s ceramic or porcelain. It lends itself to out-of-the-box thinking and creativity in terms of style, patterns, and color.


This is a relatively newer choice for countertops. Also referred to as engineered quartz/stone, it is something of a hybrid between stone-based tops, but offers the cleaning ease of less porous surfaces. It too is customizable and can be designed according to particular styles, colors, and patterns.

To learn more about the possibilities and choices for surface countertops, please see: Kitchen Countertops 101: Choosing a Surface Material:

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