Vote for your favorite exterior siding for conceptual house design 1456!

We are always striving to design homes that our customers will love. From overall home styles to exterior materials and floor plan layout, it’s important to us that we are creating homes that satisfy current trends while still keeping a focus on the longevity of the design. We have created two options for the front elevation of conceptual house design 1456. What’s your preference;  (A) cedar shakes with stone accents or (B) board-and-batten, stone, and cedar shakes?

Option A:

The primary exterior material is cedar shakes and stone.

Option A for conceptual house design 1456.

Option B:

The exterior material is a combination of board-and-batten, stone and cedar shakes.

Option B for conceptual house design 1456.

Please take a few moments to tell us what you think!

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