Name This Home Plan!

Conceptual Design #1272 is now In Progress, and we want YOU to help name it!

Votes have been counted and Clearlake is the winner! Thanks to all who voted, and be on the look-out for this plan to become available in the future!

Name This Home Plan! Clearlake, Buckley, or Denver?

The Clearlake Design in Progress #1272


Vote for your favorite name from these 3 options:

  • Clearlake

  • Buckley

  • Denver

Leave a comment on this blog post with your choice! Spread the word and get your friends to vote, too. Voting will run through Monday, May 4, and we will announce the winning name on Tuesday, May 5!

More information about Design in Progress #1272:

With its low-slung gables and eye-catching clerestory, this modern Craftsman exterior is distinctively appealing. Double doors open into the living space where the great room, dining room, and kitchen blend together. Retreating glass doors present rear views and expand living outdoors seamlessly. The kitchen layout promotes easy work flow and casual entertaining, and the nearby mud and utility rooms are tucked away near the garage. The master suite is fully-appointed and situated across the home from two secondary bedrooms which share a Jack-and-Jill bathroom.

1272-con floor plan: Now in Progress!

View the original hand-drawn sketches and leave your feedback on the design itself on this post: Conceptual Plan #1272 – Now In Progress

Leave a reply below with your choice: Clearlake, Buckley, or Denver

26 comments on “Name This Home Plan!

  1. Lynn House on

    We are interested in building this plan but need more info on height, what a walkout basement would look like and cost to build info. Where can we get some assistance? Thanks!

  2. David on

    This is a beautiful plan. I am definitely considering as a retirement home in Greenville. Due to the width of my lot (approx 95-100′, I am not sure that the side garage entrance would work for me. Is there an option to have the garage doors in front? Also any possibility of a room above the garage?

    • Echo on

      Hello David! We will not have this plan available with a side entry garage option or a bonus room over the garage but you can request these changes through our modification process. This plan is scheduled for release later this year but if we receive an order it will be moved to the top of the list. We could have it ready with modifications in about 14 – 16 weeks. You can contact customer service to order at 1-800-388-7580.

  3. Deanne on

    Excellent idea Kathy for a gable over the garage. Is it possible to make the garage a 3-car garage?

    Also, I agree that more space needs to be added…how about 5 feet added to the rear, adding those extra feet to the master closets, the kitchen and the great room? That would make the house feel quite expansive if the roofline allows it.

    Gorgeous house plan!!! We are seriously considering building this for our retirement home (if those modifications are possible).

    • Emily on

      Hi Deanne,
      Yes, the garage can be extended to add a 3rd bay, and the plan can be stretched to add more square footage with modifications. Our designers can provide an estimate for these changes now, before the plans are complete, if needed. Visit our Modifications Page for more information, and to request an estimate!

  4. Kathy on

    This plan looks lovely. Wayne, if you build this in The Flathead just a couple of notes. Have them expand the plan just a little. You and your partner will want more closet space for your coats. You need many different types of jackets and coats. Also, where will you park your snow blower or tractor? Something to consider. Snow loads on this roof will dump directly on your exit from the garage. Consider a gable over the garage doors to divert the snow drop.

    Love the clerestory windows, they are beautiful. If your windows are clean, the birds will fly into them each spring. These might not be easy windows to clean yourself. (As retirees we shouldn’t climb as many ladders as we once did. )

    If you build this plan, install some type of electric operated window honeycomb shades. You’ll appreciate it when it is light 16 plus hours a day, and also when it is 30 degrees below zero. They really help. Lots of great builders in the Flathead. Have fun!

    Love the home plans developed by this company!

  5. EMS on

    C.P. 1272 is definitely a “Denver”. Everything, exterior, floor plan, materials, screams Western hospitality and livability. Kudos to design team. For future reference though, linen closets for all bedroom/bathroom areas would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Andrea on

    Clearlake. Not really a family home, but a great retirement home or vacation home. The single level and open floor plan are winners!

  7. Wayne Wright on

    I have been very patiently waiting for this plan to come to fruition. I have decided this will be my retirement home, built in northwest Montana, home to Glacier national park. Therefore, Buckley and Denver are out (for me). I vote for Clearlake as that is what you’ll find in northwest Montana. By the way, thanks for making all three bedrooms with walk in closets. Any chance for this plan to have a basement option?

    • Emily on

      We’re honored to hear that this design will be your retirement home, Wayne! So far, Clearlake seems to be the front-runner, and we’ll count up the votes tomorrow morning and announce it here.
      This plan will be available on a full basement foundation once it is released. If you’re planning to break ground soon, you may wish to consider ordering the plan in advance. This allows us to start production right away and have it complete in about 14-16 weeks. You can order over the phone at 1-800-388-7580 if needed!


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