Must-Have Amenities for the Home

Must-Have Amenities for the Home, Featuring Whirlpool® Brand Sunset Bronze Kitchen Suite

By Charles Richardson

When people are building or buying a house, they tend to focus on the location, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and size of the yard. These are all important, of course, but there are other features that homeowners should be looking at closely: amenities. Far too often we come across families or individuals who tell us, “I wish we had asked for specific amenities and upgrades that were important to us.” With that thought in mind, let’s take a quick look at some of the trending, must-have amenities that buyers are looking for in 2015.

“Amenities and upgraded features are those specific add-ons that can turn a house into a home. They elevate the living experience and the quality of day-to-day life. Prioritizing amenities is subjective, of course. The important thing is that homeowners take the time to consider adding certain amenities that fit their particular lifestyle.”

— Chuck Tripp, Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc.

Must-Have Amenities for 2015:

New Kitchen Appliances:

Everyone loves new appliances. They add immediate value to your house, plus appliances can be expensive to replace—especially if you are trying to match them with your existing décor. This can be a major expense, and worth looking into before you design your kitchen.

Whirlpool® Brand Sunset Bronze Kitchen Suite, available Fall 2015

Whirlpool® Sunset Bronze Kitchen Suite

Bathroom Upgrades:

At some point in the last 30-40 years, homeowners decided that bathrooms needed to double in size and provide creature comforts. Bathroom fixtures, walk-in showers, custom basin tubs, new cabinets, and even saunas are sought after features with today’s homeowners.

Master Bath of The Cedar Court - House Plan Number 5004

The Cedar Court Plan #5004

Extra Closet Space

Like bathrooms, the necessity to have extra-large closets has become increasingly popular. The days of husband and wife sharing a closet are long gone…unheard of, even. In fact, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders, walk-in closets are the most requested amenity among today’s homeowners.

Master Closet of The Kenningstone - Home Design #5004

Master closet of the Kenningstone Plan #1166
Built by CJC Custom Homes, LLC

Outdoor Spaces:

Another major trend over the past few years among homeowners has been extending the core living experience outside. Outdoor patios, screened porches, fire pits, elaborate gardens, even outdoor kitchens, have become sought-after features to create ambiance and enhance the outdoor living experience.

Screened porch and outdoor living space of the Jasper Hill House Plan #5020

Screened Porch of the Jasper Hill Plan #5020
Built by DeVille Construction, Inc.

Energy-Efficient Appliances:

As we strive to become a more environmentally responsible culture, conserving energy has become a priority that is not only good for Mother Nature, but also for our wallets. Items such as low-e windows, programmable thermostats, and Energy Star appliances have become favorite trends among homeowners—a trend that will certainly continue for years to come.

Versatile Utility/Mud Room:

Moms and dads who have children or indoor/outdoor pets know all too well the value of a utility/mud room. Not only does it serve as a strategic buffer to keep kids and critters from tracking in dirt and grime, but it also serves as an organization space that can be up-fitted with cabinets, shelves, and storage compartments.

For help finding a home design with your favorite must-have amenities, or to inquire about having a home design modified to add features,  please contact one of our DAG Representatives at 1-800-388-7580 or [email protected]

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      Hi JoAnne, I apologize, but I was not able to find this collection on the Whirlpool website either. They may have discontinued the product or it may only be available through special request. I would try contacting Whirlpool directly to see if it is still available or check with a local retailer that carries Whirlpool and see if they can order products in Sunset Bronze. It’s so beautiful, I hope you’re able to find it!


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