The Cheyenne – Mountain Home Plan 1368

This mountain home is overflowing with curb appeal and thoughtful details. The barrel-vaulted foyer ends in a single column, presenting the open great room/dining room/kitchen area. A cathedral ceiling extends through the great room and out over the rear porch, with sliding French doors bringing in light and views. A screened porch, bedroom/study, peaceful master suite, and generous utility room complete the main level. Both stairs and a home elevator lead to the finished walkout basement, where two guest rooms and a rec room enjoy access to porch and patio space.

Check out the front rendering of this mountain home 1368, The Cheyenne.

3007 sq ft, 4 beds, 4 baths

Click here to see The Cheyenne 1368

Check out the first floor plan of this mountain home 1368, The Cheyenne.

Check out the basement floor plan of this mountain home 1368, The Cheyenne.

Design In Progress #1368 was inspired by the Genova Plan #1191-D. Compare these two home floor plans and tell us what you think in the comments!

First Floor Plan of The Genova - House Plan 1191-D

Basement Floor Plan of The Genova - Home Plan 1191-D

Please take a few moments to tell us what you think!

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36 comments on “MOUNTAIN HOME PLAN 1368 – NOW AVAILABLE!

  1. Brooks Robinson on

    We have been looking at both the genova/ this plan, Spotswood and 1414 for a couple months. We like this newer one better because it doesn’t have the big beam/support structure in the kitchen. However, we don’t need an elevator.

    1: Instead of elevator, I would recommend making that a hallway to provide more flow entry/from garage and side porch, laundry. This eliminates needing to have to walk through kitchen every time to get to porch, garage or laundry.
    2: somehow move laundry area closer to bedrooms on other side of the house.
    3: any way to find a space for a pantry?

    Does the laundry area have a door? I would like to have the ability to close off laundry area so dog and guests don’t have to walk through laundry to use side porch.

    One of the previous comments suggested starting with Genova if we didn’t want the elevator, but then we’d need modification to remove the large beam…. Which is easier way to go?

    • Echo on

      Hi Brooks, Design 1368 does have a door going into the utility room. Since this design is still in progress, modifying The Genova would definitely be your easiest and quickest option. If you want to make modifications to a design in progress, you would have to either purchase the plan or wait for it to be released, and once the original design is completed, the designers will begin on your requested changes. If you have any time restraints, we would recommend starting with a completed design like The Genova. Feel free to contact our customer service team if you would like to discuss your options more thoroughly – 1-800-388-7580 or [email protected].

  2. Burt on

    I really like this plan! I have a rear view lot and I would like to see a plan that highlights the view more. The master bedroom could be made wider than it is deep to make the view more dramatic and allow the bed to be placed directly facing the view.

    Also, the stairway could be made U-shaped (or better yet L-shaped) to give the stair-hiker great views going up or down. Removing the deck from in front of the stairs would clear the view and enable the master to have a private deck.

    If an owner is going all-out with an elevator, I think most would like to see a wet bar and home theater on the lower level. There’s plenty of space for it. Perhaps make it an option – I think that would be very popular with buyers.

  3. Rasica Volubrjotr on

    I would
    place a Beautiful spiral staircase where the present staircase is next to the fireplace.

    2) Move the elevator to the upper right corner of the present study. Present Elevator area becomes storage closet for garage.

    Move Utility w/d into the study ~ backside of elevator

    4) Delete tub in upstairs.

    4) Present utility becomes walk in Pantry

  4. Susan Lawhorn on

    Great plan!!!! Just what I’ve been looking for. Do you offer any master bathrooms with a walk-in shower (no door) and no tub or a small tub? Don’t want or need the huge tub. This is just enough space for a retired couple (upstairs) and a great guest space down. Love it!!!!!

  5. Deborah Leach on

    I love this plan! It is over a year later than the last post and I can’t find it on the DAG website. I have selected the Genova and submitted a modification request but this plan eliminates a couple of the expensive modifications the Genova requires – such as the large support column in the kitchen. What happened to the design? Does it now have a different name or number? I found it called The Cheyenne on another link on the Gardner website, I believe it is called Designer Dream Homes. Please help me find this plan.

  6. Diane Rather on

    We are empty nesters & NEED first floor more assessable as we age – to be able to completely live on the first floor & the basement could be turned into living quarters for in-home health care (if needed).
    Most of the floor plan is what we need – except.
    First floor needs larger closets – all walk-in
    Bedroom/study needs a walk-in closet off it’s bath room.
    Master bath needs entrance from the hall – 1 Large walk-in (instead of 2 small) & the commode – not in a small closed area (no way someone with a walker or wheel chair could use it as is now.
    Elevator – unlikely could afford – that area would turn into a walk-in pantry –
    Basement –
    Would need a small kitchen / kitchenette area
    Only need 1 bath
    One of sides where currently a bedroom, need a 1 car garage & storage area (lawn mowers) – also with outside door entrance
    Exterior – Mountain home style is not what we prefer. We live on a farm – we’ve grown tired of tall roofs – that dominate 2/3 rd’s of a house. Is there another exterior option in craftsman or prairie style?

  7. Donna Born on

    Do you have a similar plan with the guest bedrooms on the second floor? I love the kitchen-dining-great room layout, but the lot is not suitable for a walk-out basement.

  8. Grant on

    I think a few tweaks would make this plan the best I have seen.
    1) I would extended the dining room out 8 ft., to make the kitchen span the great room (i.e. CP-1329).
    2) Extend Utility room toward garage by 2 feet to allow floor to ceiling pantry cabinets.
    3) Switch grill with fireplace (a corner pizza oven) to form a summer (year round) kitchen area in the screen porch.
    4) Enlarge back porch to allow steps from driveway.


    I would like to purchase this house plan with a couple of changes.
    I would like to replace the elevator with a half bath and change the stair case and make the porch into a pantry and office space. Is this possible and what would the cost be?


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