Landscaping Ideas for your New Home

Landscaping ideas to consider when you are building a custom home!

Landscaping ideas from The Birchwood house plan 1239.

One of the many benefits about building your own home is the fact that you can customize it to your specifications. While you do have to attend to your budget and the building guidelines of your floor plan, in reality you can have everything you want (and can afford) when you build from the ground up. This reality extends into the yard as well as the home. As you build, keep your landscaping in mind. Here are some ideas to make your landscaping an extension of your home and your creativity.

Landscaping ideas for your new home.

The Monarch Manor 5040

  1. Create a Space for a Water Feature

A fountain or waterfall gives your outdoor space a feeling of relaxation and elegance. While you can add a fountain at any point, if you build with it in mind, you can ensure that the fountain or waterfall can be seen from inside your home and works with the overall look of your yard. Maybe even consider adding a small fishpond to provide a space for the water to flow.

Landscaping ideas for your new home.

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  1. Keep the Trees

If your lot has some trees on it, ask the builders to leave them in place. Mature trees add instant character to the property, and improve the home’s value and energy efficiency at the same time. Of course, many newly built homes are on treeless lots, but don’t despair. You can purchase mature trees and have them planted professionally on your lot once you have moved in, but make sure to plan for the location.

Landscaping ideas for your new home.

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  1. Know Your Plants

Before you talk to a landscaper, know what plants you want to have in your yard. Keep in mind that some plants will not grow well in your area, so take the time to browse local greenhouses and nurseries to find native plants that will thrive.

  1. Match Your Architecture

If your home has a distinctive architecture, try to find a landscaping style that will match. For example, if you are building a rustic mountain cabin, consider planting evergreens and using natural logs to line your garden. If your home has a traditional style, low shrubs and shaped evergreens will fit nicely.

Landscaping ideas for your new home.

The Sutton 1261

  1. Plan for Your Outdoor Activities

When customizing your outdoor landscaping, it’s easy to put everything you love into your yard, only to find that you don’t have the space for your outdoor activities. Do you anticipate spending time dining or entertaining outdoors? Do you have kids, or are you planning to have kids, who need a place to run around? Do you want to have a pool or patio for these activities? Considering the way in which you plan to use your yard will help you make a space that really meets your needs.

Landscaping ideas for your new home.

The Jasper Hill 5020

  1. Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

If your plans include a lot of barbecues and outdoor cooking, consider building a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. With a sink, stovetop, grill and oven, as well as storage, the chef can be part of the outdoor fun when you’re hosting a party.

Landscaping ideas from The Birchwood house plan 1239.

  1. Don’t Forget the View!

If your home has large windows that overlook your yard, make sure to plan your landscaping so that you can enjoy it inside your house. Plant a garden or install yard art for a beautiful view, indoors and outdoors.

When building a custom home, it’s easy to focus so much on the interior features that you forget about your yard. This is a great opportunity to make sure your home is exactly what you need, inside and out. Customize your landscaping with your custom home and enjoy a place that feels perfect for your family.

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