Landscape Design Trends for 2015

Landscape Design Trends for 2015: Back yard of the Arbordale Plan #452

By Charles Richardson

One of the main differences of homeowners today versus 40 or 50 years ago is a distinct emphasis on outdoor living spaces. This trend actually hearkens back to the 17th and 18th Centuries, when large estate owners in Europe went to great lengths to cultivate manicured gardens, meticulously cropped lawns, and tranquil nature pools. Although less palatial and grand than storied aristocratic estates, homes today in the United States have witnessed a resurgence in landscape design that features mixed gardens, pronounced water features, privacy areas, outdoor living space, and more.

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the most popular trends for 2015.

Versatile Gardens:

It’s all about variety. Anything goes. Blended gardens are “in” and that means it’s perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, to incorporate edibles and ornamentals together in one happy, inclusive garden space. That means growing tomatoes and impatiens together, along with virtually any combination of fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and shrubs. One’s garden is bound only by one’s imagination.

Versatile Gardens: Sloping, lakefront garden of the Rowan Plan #1366

Sloped lakefront garden of the Rowan Plan #1366

Outdoor Living Spaces:

It has become increasingly more desirable to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living experiences, especially in mild, year-round climates. Homeowners have access to advanced fabrics and acrylic materials that are both comfortable and durable. Outdoor grills, stoves, sinks, and cooking stations are also quite popular, taking the kitchen and dining experience outside.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Outdoor kitchen, patio, spa, and screen porch of the Jasper Hill Plan #5020

Outdoor kitchen, patio, spa, and screen porch of the Jasper Hill Plan #5020

Water Features:

There’s something soothing and refreshing about incorporating natural, self-contained water systems into one’s outdoor lawn and garden area. Small ponds, still pools, and flowing water features are more popular than ever. And contrary to popular belief, there are a range of affordable options to fit within any budget.

Water Features: A fountain surrounded by flowers at the center of the courtyard driveway of the Heatherstone Plan #5016

A fountain at the center of the courtyard driveway of the Heatherstone Plan #5016

Privacy Features:

Aside from their obvious aesthetic and visceral appeal, gardens can serve the added bonus of providing a natural barrier to the stress and frenzy of the outside world. With a little imagination and ingenuity, one can incorporate flowers, shrubs, container plants, ivy-laced fences, ornate lattice work, and more, to create a personal sanctuary that fends off the encroachment of urban bustle.

Privacy Features: Backyard pool of the Churchdown Plan #867, surrounded by a stone wall, privacy fence, and tall plans to provide privacy.

Backyard pool of the Churchdown Plan #867

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    • Echo Jones on

      Hi Julie, We are not involved in the building process so I’m afraid we don’t have information on the type of stucco that the homeowner chose. You can show the photo to a local manufacturer and they can try to match the color.

  1. Clint on

    Love it! These are almost exactly the same trends I’ve noticed in Florida. We do a whole lot of waterscape because it is relatively affordable, and it can create a whole new feel for a space. Thanks for the post, I’m a new fan!

  2. Daniela Adamo on

    Well said! Landscape designs truly add so much space to be lived within, aside from the main family courters of course. Not to mention the positive environmental aspect of of creating a green living space for your family and friends to enjoy for years to come. Great ideas…Great article!

  3. ASAP | Swimming Pool Melbourne on

    Very nice! There’s little wonder why these types of landscape designs will be a trend this year. Outdoor living spaces will be very much welcomed and highly appreciated design. People are now looking for more time spending in open spaces after being cooped up in a cramped office. Thanks for these design ideas, they are truly wonderful and inspiring.


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