Dream Home Plan: Kitchen Sink Styles

You’ve picked out your dream home plan and now it’s time to get down to the details.

Picking a kitchen sink can be a difficult decision with all the options that are on the market. Some people opt for one large sink. Others prefer a double. Some homeowners add a secondary sink to the island for added convenience for multiple cooks. Here are some of the most popular and stylish choices on the market today.

dream home plan the carrera kitchen sink

The Carrera #1178

Apron. You don’t have to have a traditional-style kitchen to install an apron sink. These sinks have a decorative exposed front, called an apron. Contemporary colored cabinets contrast the old-world style of the apron farmhouse-style sink here.

If you’ve decided that your new kitchen design calls for an apron sink, make sure to tell your kitchen designer right away. The dedicated base cabinet for this sink has to be custom made.

dream home plan hand painted kitchen sink

Hand painted kitchen sink – houzz

Hand painted. Add some of your own personal flair to your kitchen by selecting a stunning hand-painted sink.

These one-of-a-kind sinks do have a hefty price tag, but depending on the manufacturer, you may be able to custom design yours in the color and style you like best.

dream home plan the birchwood kitchen sink

The Birchwood #1239

Rounded. Rounded edges can add a stylish touch to your kitchen and many homeowners consider a curved sink easier to clean than one with square edges.. – houzz

dream home plan the spotswood kitchen sink

The Spotswood #1310

Stainless steel. A classic choice that will blend easily into whatever environment you put it in. It is very durable and an easy-to-clean material.

Another point to consider:

Double or single – Double sinks were originally designed with the intention of hand washing dishes. If your household primarily uses a dish washer and the sink is only used for washing large pots, you may wish to opt for one large sink with an additional island sink.

dream home plan the laurelwood kitchen sink

The Laurelwood #5024

What is your favorite sink style?

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