How A Kitchen Island Adds Value To A Kitchen

Modern homeowners value the benefits that a kitchen island offers.

Right up there with updated bathrooms, neutral wall colors and an open floor plan, beautiful kitchen islands are becoming one of the biggest must-haves for today’s home plan buyer, from increased counter space to extra seating, to additional storage below. That’s why, when you’re considering house plan styles, it’s worth looking at options that incorporate a large, multi-functional kitchen island with a stove, a sink or just extra space into the layout.

Kitchen Island - The Birchwood #1239

The Birchwood #1239

The Rise of Kitchen Islands

The kitchen tends to be the center of many American homes. It’s a busy place where the family cooks or grabs food, gathers with friends and spends a lot of time. Accordingly, anything that makes the kitchen more functional is a benefit. That’s why kitchen island design, first introduced in the 1950s, has become practically a staple of modern kitchens. By creating multiple areas of counter space, kitchen designs with islands allow for multiple cooks in the kitchen. By adding in-kitchen seating, a kitchen island bar makes it possible to hang out even while dinner is being prepared. Islands can be accessed from all sides, kind of like a table, providing additional functionality and value. What’s more, customized islands can make attractive focal points that boost the aesthetics of a space.

Kitchen Island - The Carrera #1178

The Carrera #1178

Purposes and Benefits of Kitchen Islands

From kitchen islands for small kitchens to a large kitchen island in a gourmet cooking space, consider some of the benefits that come from going with this functional kitchen design option:

  • Additional counter space for prep, work space and serving food
  • Bar seating in the kitchen
  • Extra kitchen storage for pots, pans, etc.
  • Potential for a second sink
  • Potential for a central range
  • Convenience for more than one cook
Kitchen Island - The Spotswood #1310

The Spotswood #1310

Different House Plans with Various Island Styles

Today’s home plans are filled with kitchen island ideas, from a kitchen island with seating to a kitchen island with a sink. Whether you’re interested in a large, eye-catching island with seating for six, or a smaller more functional workspace island without bar seating, there are lots of ways to maximize your kitchen’s functionality through its island design. For a little inspiration, here are some specific kitchen island plans we offer that are worth considering:

  • The Birchwood: The gourmet kitchen in this home design features gleaming counters that extend from the walls of the kitchen to the matching center island. This island adds extra storage, a sink and bar seating for two.
  • The Spotswood: Set in an open kitchen with ample counter space, the island in this design can house a dishwasher, a sink and extra seating right in the middle of the kitchen action.
  • The Peyton: A cooktop island with seating for four serves the kitchen in this floor plan, which opens naturally to the eating area.
Kitchen Island - The Peyton #1289

The Peyton #1289

Whether you’re interested in a kitchen island with a stove, a kitchen island with seating or something else, come to Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc., to find a wide range of designs. We’ll be happy to discuss various kitchen island options and help determine just the right house plan for your needs.

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