Ideas for Creating the Perfect Laundry Room

Consider A Dedicated Laundry Room In Your House

Find a house plan with a dedicated laundry room.

The Hollowcrest House Plan 5019

Building a home provides numerous benefits, but at the top of many people’s lists is the ability to choose the new house designs features — to have everything they wanted for a comfortable lifestyle.

For many, this includes a large, dedicated laundry room. The modern laundry room has evolved from a simple closet area that fits a washer and dryer, or a spot in the garage or basement, to a full room that addresses all laundry needs.

Here are some reasons why dedicated laundry room solutions are ideal for your newly built home.

Find a house plan with a dedicated laundry room.

The Sutton Home Plan 1261

Laundry Rooms Provide Needed Storage

One problem with stuffing the washer and dryer into a big closet is storage. When the laundry area has room for appliances only, where do you keep related supplies? When you build a home with a dedicated laundry space, you add ample storage and extra space. With the right laundry room storage solution, you not only can store your laundry supplies in the same area, but also clothing, pet supplies, outdoor toys and more. Furthermore, you can be more organized with space for sorting, folding and hanging laundry.

Find a house plan with a dedicated laundry room.

The Roseburg House Plan 1378

Dedicated Laundry Spaces Double As Utility Rooms

A laundry room doesn’t need to be related only to laundry tasks. It also can serve as a utility room or a mudroom, for example. Consider a laundry room design that includes a utility sink, countertop, coat rack and more! Consider placement near a back door so kids can wipe their feet or remove dirty shoes before entering the home. It’s also a good area to clean pets that got dirty outside.

Find a house plan with a dedicated laundry room.

The Markham Home Plan 1299

Laundry Room Design Ideas Through Donald A. Gardner Architects

If a spacious laundry room is on your wish list, Donald A. Gardner Architects can make it happen. We have a number of home plans with oversized laundry rooms that can fit almost any budget.

Consider The Ambroise, which features a utility room off the garage — it also makes an excellent mudroom. The Drake offers both a mudroom and a laundry room. Or, contact our modifications department to customize a floor plan to include your laundry room needs.

Contact our team today to learn more about our home design options that include dedicated laundry rooms.

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4 comments on “Ideas for Creating the Perfect Laundry Room

  1. Ray on

    I noticed that there are no catch pans under the washers in the photos. If you ever had a washer malfunction that the water does not turn off and pumps water into you home….you would apricate one. Having this happen to me, I would never have a cloths washer without a catch pan, even if it is in the basement.

  2. Matt on

    A must have for all. We Love our oversized laundry/utility room in the Austin. Doubles as a sewing room for my wife and craft room for the grandchildren as well.


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