HOUSING TRENDS: Kitchen Cabinets

By Charles Richardson
HOUSING TRENDS: Kitchen Cabinets. Featuring the Birchwood Plan #1239

Featuring the Birchwood Plan #1239

In the past two decades, kitchens have become one of the most important and versatile rooms in the house. They serve multiple functions for today’s homeowners and are a popular gathering space for friends, family, and guests. You might say the kitchen is the social hub of the house. With its rise in stature, the kitchen has become a focal point for interior design and custom woodwork. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the options available for custom cabinetry. More than a product of mere functionality—as it was in years past—kitchen cabinets today give homeowners an opportunity for self-expression and have a significant impact on the overall feel and ambiance of a home. Let’s look at some of the latest cabinet trends for 2015 as surveyed by HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens.

Dark Cabinet Finishes
Dark cabinetry in the kitchen of the Cedar Court Plan #5004

The Cedar Court Plan #5004

Never underestimate the power of contrast. Hues of dark chocolate or esresso are quite popular these days, especially when juxtaposed against lighter hues on countertops and walls. The darker cabinets also work well with stainless appliances and fixtures.


Shaker-Style Cabinets
Shaker-style cabinetry in the kitchen of the Gilchrist Plan #734-D

The Gilchrist Plan #734-D

Featuring simple, square-paneled doors, white (or off-white) Shaker-style cabinets add a light, open, clean look to any kitchen. They also go well with a number of different motifs or styles: traditional, cottage, even contemporary.


Flat-Panel Cabinets
Flat-Panel Cabinetry in the Kitchen of The Landry - House Plan Number 1291

The Landry Plan #1291

This is growing trend with many homeowners who are looking for a more modern, contemporary look. High-gloss tan or brown finishes with stainless steel handles create a sleek, progressive look.


Country-Style Cabinets
Country-Style Cabinetry in the Kitchen of The Edelweiss - House Plan Number 1013

The Edelweiss Plan #1013

You don’t have to have a country-style house to incorporate country-style cabinetry. Lighter-hued country, or cottage-style, cabinets are trending with many homeowners who want a fresh, airy feel. The lighter shades also work well with dark countertops and appliances.


Base Cabinet Drawers
Orgainize all your kitchen cleaning products in these drawers!

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Many homeowners are trying unconventional solutions when it comes to cabinetry. In fact, some are opting for base drawers rather than traditional wall cabinets. Drawers are more accessible and easier to reach in most cases, and can be organized to your preferences.


Efficiency Cabinets
Efficiency Cabinets provide vertical storage

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The functionality of cabinets has come along way in the past two decades. Back then, extra features may have included a built-in spice rack or Lazy Susan. Today, there are a number of options available, such as pull-out trays, bread baskets, and tall narrow spaces for baking sheets or cookie tins.


Colorful Accents
Colorful accents in the Kitchen of The Churchdown - House Plan Number 867

The Churchdown Plan #867

This is a great way to draw attention to your cabinetry and make it pop with creativity and style. Glass-front cabinets, or open shelves, can be bathed in paint on the interior walls—bright, colorful, dramatic hues—to create visual impact and complement the kitchen’s walls and countertops.


Open Shelves
Open shelving in the kitchen of the Birchwood Plan #1239

The Birchwood Plan #1239

This is hit or miss for most homeowners. People tend to really like the idea, or hate it. No matter where you come out on this issue, it is becoming a popular trend for more progressive designs. In most cases, many traditional cabinets can be easily converted to open shelves.

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