This compact house plan provides an open floor plan while maintaining defined rooms.


This charming cottage design offers easy living with modern features. A single dining room and vaulted great room are completely open to the kitchen, where counter seating is ideal for quick family meals. Separate mud and utility rooms provide storage and workspace hidden from view of the living areas, while a spacious master suite and screen porch with skylights and summer kitchen add luxury.

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House Plan #1324 The Darcy is Now Available

2034 sq ft, 3 beds, 2.5 baths

House Plan #1324 The Darcy is Now Available

Here’s another one of our conceptual plans!
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Conceptual Plan 1324 is an update to our design #1017 based on customer feedback. We’ve kept the base of this open plan, but have increased storage areas, enlarged many of the closets, and made the bedrooms and garage slightly larger, all while keeping the design under 2000 sq. ft. The utility room has been moved and enlarged for more storage and usage options and now has an exterior entrance. A mud room just off the garage is now the pass-through to the rest of the house with additional storage and a pantry. The outdoor living is now enhanced by a larger screen porch featuring skylights and a summer kitchen, leading on to a large patio with an entrance to the master suite.

House Plan #1324 The Darcy is Now Available

House Plan #1324 The Darcy is Now Available
House Plan #1324 The Darcy is Now Available

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  1. James Burris Sr. on

    The Darcy..what purpose does the Rounded window serve on the left side of roof .Can that be eliminated..A long with the roof gabel .And there appears to be a recess in the roof at that point.Can That be flattened with a straight roof line..

  2. James Burris Sr. on

    Hello..We like the Darcey..Plan 1324..Cac the Cathedral ceiling be lowered to 11 feet without suffering the integrity of the house?

  3. Sandra on

    I really love your Fernwood plan but, Darcy is my next favorite. I love the mud and laundry spaces. I agree laundry should somehow be closer to the master. Don’t take the master hall away…it’s great for privacy. The hall bath is driving me crazy…too small/cramped. Can it be enlarged? Would want the tub in a separated room,.. that way I can use the hall bath as a guest bath, since I’d never put a half bath in the foyer. ..not enough privacy. Would love a kitchen pantry closet. Can the bonus be modified to accommodate a bedroom, bath, and storage room? Basement: would love a basement mechanical room. Is that possible?

  4. Cindi on

    I really like this plan. I have two things I would want to look at changing though…in the master bathroom I like the vanities that have enough room to sit and put your make up on (between the sinks). I also noticed there isn’t a closet in the bathroom for towels, etc. I think if the closet on the left was pushed towards the master just a bit, it could accommodate both of these items.
    My other concern/question would be if there is a way to put this on a basement foundation as that is one of my husband’s requirements.

  5. Janet Fuhrman on

    I would suggest eliminating the soaking tub in the master bath, and switching the toilet compartment and vanities to provide more counter space. The dining room is rather small, add 2-3 feet. Also, if the door to the “study/bedroom” were on the wall facing the kitchen, the bath would be more accessible. A corner pantry in the kitchen would be more useful.

  6. Jennifer Alley on

    I really like this plan, it has about 99% of what we are looking for right now. My husband has his heart set on making the dining space a dining space/hearth space combo, someplace he can sit and relax by a fire while I make dinner for vice versa. We are empty nesters so we don’t want a big table. Small table for us and two cozy chairs by fireplace. Is there enough room for that?

  7. Susan on

    I love the spacious laundry room and having a door adjacent to outdoors is very practical. If I were to build this house, I’d want to add a pantry in the kitchen. Overall, very cozy and quaint.

  8. Jen on

    I really like this plan, but the dimensions of the front porch just totally throw me because it’s not symmetrical. I know extending the left side of the plan may leave some weird space, but I suggest turning most of that space into an office or extra room of some source. I actually considered this plan for a long time when we were getting ready to build a house but it would have required too many modifications for us to be comfortable with it. Please sort this! If we ever get another chance to build I’d really like to reconsider this plan.

  9. Kathy Landeck on

    Wonderful design, I would change the exterior from cottage to a coastal look. I think it is trending from cottage and craftsman to perhaps coastal look.

  10. michilyn brown on

    Consider a 1/2 bath that can accessed from patio and from inside. Great when working outside or when kids are playing and don’t have to run through house to use restroom. Tile the bathroom and add wall shower unit with drain in floor.
    Agree with switching kitchen and dining and adding access from master to laundry.

  11. Thomas Lavin on

    Just a thought – I presume that this will be offered with a basement, whose stairs will be located in the same place as in #1017; therefore you will have additional storage in the garage or turning it around in the laundry room. Great plan!!

  12. Jeanne R on

    Agree; flip flop kitchen with dining, access laundry from master bath thru flipped closet and bath. Master door farther down the hall making room for a LARGER pantry in that hall. Linen closet should be in master bath. Eliminate powder room in favor of storage of some sort. I think the walk in closet in bed 2 seems like wasted space inside closet…make a 1 rod along back wall closet, less deep and giving a bit more room to laundry.

  13. Carmen Hudgins on

    I have been looking at hundreds of house plans and am old enough to have some specific things I want/need. There are always things I like/love and things I want to change. We garden and can/freeze our produce. We are a tiny bit preps too in that we want to store water and food to help see us through a crisis, so we are needing/wanting a LARGE pantry–the mud room might suffice. In THIS house plan I love its appearance. I love the closets before entering the bathrooms–I would want some really nice sliding doors for entry into them. I would prefer to do away with the screen room and enlarge my great room. I also would like a really nice size covered porch. I love the bonus room with plenty of storage. Very nice plan.

  14. Lori Hamm on

    I’ve been playing with the original plan for a while. I’d like to have the kitchen back where the dining room is, so the great room includes dining space. I’d also like to see a French country exterior.

    What is the square footage of this version? I’d like to see the bedrooms be a little bigger.

  15. Jan on

    Love this plan but in the master bedroom believe switching the toilet with the shower and adding a window in the stall area makes more sense.  Also, popular in the Carolinas is the walk-up attic.  Eliminating the bonus room and adding a walk-up stair would be wonderful also.  


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