The Meadow Creek House Plan 1401 is NOW AVAILABLE

Conceptual Plan #1401: Now In Progress!

The Meadow Creek -NOW AVAILABLE

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Conceptual Design 1401 - Main Floor Plan: Now In Progress!

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Here’s another great conceptual design! Please take a few minutes and give us your comments and/or suggestions!

Conceptual Design 1401

Conceptual Design 1401 – Front Rendering

Conceptual Plan 1401 is based on our Plan 1239, the Birchwood. In this version, we’ve moved the side-entry, 3-car garage to the rear of the home…perfect for a corner lot.  We’ve given a new look to the façade to accommodate the front bedrooms as well.  But we’ve kept the features that make the Birchwood so popular…a lavish master suite with large walk-in shower, separate vanities, and huge dual closets. The sitting area at the rear of the master suite has been angled to provide better views to the rear terrace and spa area. The island kitchen easily serves the formal dining room to the front as well as the breakfast room and screen porch with fireplace to the rear.

Conceptual Design 1401 - Main Floor Plan

Main Floor Plan

Conceptual Design 1401

Rear View of House Plan

Conceptual Design 1401


Checkout this Birchwood inspired conceptual plan we’ve posted in order to get comments, feedback and suggestions from our customers.

Please take a few moments to tell us what you think!

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28 comments on “The Meadow Creek House Plan 1401 is NOW AVAILABLE

  1. Carol Lykins on

    Can these floorplans be put in a contemporary or modern design? Where can is see the spec. On the house..square footage etc.

  2. Regina Bryant on

    Why did you feel it necessary to angle the sitting room? It costs more to build a house with unusual configurations and affords little to no aesthetic benefits! Also, a sun tunnel in the pantry? Why?

    • Echo on

      Hi Regina, Donald Gardner designs often feature intricate roof lines and angles to create interest and a unique floor plan. With 1000+ designs in our portfolio, we try to have something for everyone. Our Advanced Home Search allows you to search different styles, including Simple House Plans. You may find designs here that better fit your needs.
      If you do not like the angled sitting room, it can be modified. Sun tunnels are added to bring natural light to rooms that do not have windows. This is not structural, so if you do not like sun tunnels you can leave them out. Our customer service team would be happy to assist with a plan search – 1-800-388-7580 or [email protected].

  3. Kathy on

    I think I would like to see the kitchen more toward the front of the house with the sink in front of window and a wall between kitchen and foyer. I like the island/bar option. The dining would be slightly closed, using columns, to the great room. I would change the utility room into a walk-in pantry, so I could buy in bulk and have room for storage. The back bedroom would be turned into the utility room with an adjacent 3/4 bath, which would be helpful for people who require a quick means to clean-up before going though the house. Make a mud room bench and hook area or closets to conceal coats/shoes by the garage entry. Then enlarge the closet space of the front bedroom. The area that was the original pantry would become a powder room. The upstairs bonus needs closet and bathroom possibilities for the option of becoming a bedroom.
    I enjoy looking at your house plans!

  4. Ellen on

    I really like the Birchwood plan, but I have a corner lot and need the garage on the rear. I have been sketching the changes myself off and on for weeks. I’m happy to see this new approach where you are redoing good plans in new ways. The porches and sunroom are what I like the most but the front porch is not quite deep enough. I also need a more handicapped accessible plan. I do not like or want the potty in a little room where you can’t access it from a wheel chair. As retirees, we want to be prepared for aging in place. I’d like a bonus, bedroom with nice closet, & bath upstairs with full height ceiling (8 ft. Minimum), with 3 BR s downstairs and an office/ study. I have no use for an e-space but I would love to have extra cabinets for storage in this area so I like that feature. I still like the Birchwood better than this adaptation but this one is nice and has most of the things I like about that plan.

  5. CD on

    I think this is an exceptional house. Thanks for asking for input!
    1) Fireplace in the Master Bedroom ( we LOVE ours)
    2) Front entry should always have a closet nearby as well as a bathroom (the current one is close enough)
    3) The bedroom sizes are perfect; I think the e-space is great for kids; however, it would be nice to have an alternate plan for adults w/o children. I like the above suggestion about moving the linen closet closer to the laundry room and adding more storage. A smaller desk/command center close, and preferably with direct access to the kitchen would be great
    4) Love the laundry room with the window; just wish it had an area to hang clothes as they are taken out of the dryer. A folding counter under the window without cabinets above and space underneath for laundry baskets/containers ; the sink would not need to be near a window – when folding clothes would love to have a window to look out of; in my dream house the sink would be a jetted sink for soaking and for delicates.
    5) I personally would prefer that the screened in room be converted to a hearth room (with a wall of windows) or a sun room – with an large arched entry from the dining area.
    6) In my dream house, would love a skinny area (like the current pantry) where I can feed my animals and store their litter boxes; it would have a pet door to the garage or other outside area.

    What I always look for near a kitchen (the heart of the home) are the following; a) easy access to the laundry room; b) easy access to a Mud room (bench with nooks for hanging items; c) easy access to the pantry; d) access to the outside and also to the garage; e) closet for storing vacuum cleaners, and other items
    f) Panty – prefer it to be larger U-shaped rather than the smaller L-shape. Should be large enough to hold overstock food, pet foods, paper supplies, counter sized appliances, etc; g) an area that can be used or modify to accommodate pets and their associated needs (food, litter boxes, supplies, etc

    Thanks so much

  6. Kharmin beam on

    I love this house plan and would most likely want it on a basement lot. My husband asked about the dryer vent? being that the laundry is located in the front side of the home. I don’t know if you should run it up due to the amount of moisture in the air coming out.

  7. Sharon Shirlen on

    We built a Donald Gardner home about 10 years ago that had a covered porch off the great room. I loved the rest of the house plan, except we found that the great room was dark because of the covered porch. (So the next Donald Gardner home we built 5 years ago (a walk-out craftsman) has a deck and we are so much happier, because the house interior is nice and sunny.) Also, where you’ve put the screen porch would make the dining area dark, too. Having the garage in the back of the house is a great idea!

  8. Sandy Sullivan on

    Love everything about this except the distance from the master to the laundry-needs a stackable in the master bath/closet area.

  9. Luann on

    This needs a closet in the foyer for those of in colder climates. I would delete the linen closet by the pantry thus enlarging the pantry. I would eliminate the espace (since people use their computers everywhere) by the back bedrooms and incorporate the storage space into the laundry room. The linen closet could be placed back here as well, close to the laundry and the 2 bedrooms. The third bay in the garage could be enlarged also to give more work space. You can never have too much storage.

  10. Misty on

    Any ideas when an official plan will be complete? If I needed the upstairs as stated above, how would I go about making these changes?


    • Emily on

      Hi Misty,

      We don’t have a completion date scheduled for this plan, but you can place an order for it over the phone and we will start production. Once your order is in, you can submit our Modification Consultation form and our Designers will put together an estimate for the changes. It takes approximately 12 weeks to complete a conceptual design once an order is placed, and 4-6 weeks for additional modifications to be completed.
      Give us a call at 1-(800)-388-7580 and we can take your order and answer any questions you might have!

  11. Misty on

    I LOVE this home plan! I would love to see an alternate upstairs with two bedrooms and a jack and Jill bath plus medium size bonus room space. Is that possible?

    • Emily on

      Thanks for your feedback, Misty! A Designer is checking to see if a second floor is feasible, and I should be back with an answer tomorrow.

    • Emily on

      Hi Misty, sorry for the delay! A second floor is possible, although the design may change by the time it is complete. Thank you for your feedback!


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