Ceilings that make you look up: Kitchen from the Clarkson Plan #1117

To many, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Beyond its mere utilitarian purposes—preparing food, washing dishes—it’s a place to make memories, as well as meals. The kitchen has become a universal hub for domestic and social activity: bonding with family, having a glass of wine with friends, doing homework, making phone calls, gossiping about the neighbors, and more. With so many varied interests and options taking place in one location, it’s hardly surprising that the kitchen is one of the most fussed-over and thoughtfully conceived rooms in any house.

What’s Cooking In Kitchen Trends For 2015

In a recent article for Houzz written by Natasha Saroca, the author lists a number of different trends and looks for the new year. Here’s a quick breakdown of the hot kitchen trends she says homeowners will be looking for:

1) Furniture-style design features – This popular trend emphasizes the family room concept that carries over into the kitchen making it the primary gathering spot.

Furniture-style island in the kitchen of The Provence - House Plan 1005

The Provence Plan #1005


2) Open, Airy Shelving – Here’s a practical solution that not only frees up more easy-to-get-to space but warms up the kitchen making it more open and lived-in.

Open, Airy Shelving - The Northwyke Plan #759

The Northwyke Plan #759


3) Wallpaper that wows – Incorporating wallpaper into the kitchen is a great way to set the tone and mood for your guests, as well as complementing existing themes or furniture motifs.

Wallpaper that wows in the Kitchen of The Hickory Ridge Plan 916

The Hickory Ridge Plan #916


4) Modern traditional style – It sounds like a contradiction but modern traditional simply refers to homeowners going away from ultra-sleek designs for a more warm, inviting vibe with mixed materials: wood, metal, marble, and glass.

Modern traditional style - Kitchen of The Jasper Hill Plan 5020

The Jasper Hill Plan #5020


5) Ceilings that make you look up – Today’s homeowner takes advantage of the entire kitchen space—that includes ceilings, which make you look up and around to extend the borders of the room.

Ceilings that make you look up: Kitchen from the Clarkson Plan #1117

The Clarkson Plan #1117


6) Luxe Metallics – Look for warmer metalics like gold, copper, and bronze to liven up and replace the traditional silver, chrome, and stainless metals that are typically associated with kitchen design.

Luxe Matallics in the kitchen of the Amherst Plan #753

The Amherst Plan #753


7) Touch-me textures – Texture and textured accents will be in vogue for 2015, in a big way. Natural marble, granite, and engineered stones are trending to create a more natural, organic feel.

Minimal wall cabinets in the Kitchen of The Adelaide Plan  866-D

The Adelaide Plan #866-D


8) Beautiful black – While some prefer open, bright and airy, a kitchen that is adorned in black dominant tones adds a touch of elegance that is both bold and sleek.

Beautiful Black detail in the Kitchen of The Sagecrest Plan 1226

The Sagecrest Plan #1226


9) Minimal wall cabinets – Kitchen cabinets are overrated, at least in the eyes of some designers, who prefer open-plan kitchens that have minimal wall cabinets will further enhance a room’s sense of spaciousness.

Minimal wall cabinets in the Kitchen of The Cedar Court Plan 5004

The Cedar Court Plan #5004


10) Repetitive patterns – Ahh, the familiarity that repetition brings can add a distinct elegance to your kitchen with fashion-savvy art decco and art nouvea patterns.

Repetitive Patterns in the Kitchen of The Dogwood Ridge Plan 5005

The Dogwood Ridge Plan #5005


11) Tribal-inspired tones – Inspired by Native American and Moroccan cultures, rich, vibrant, attention-grabbing patterns are gaining prevalence, replacing more subdued monochromatic and all-white color schemes.

Tribal-inspired tones in the Kitchen of The Blue Ridge Plan 1130-D

The Blue Ridge Plan #1130-D


12) Vertical-joint wood paneling – New V-joint paneling adds detail and depth to traditional paneling through the use of angles that create the effect of movement and flow.

Vertical-Joint wood paneling in the Kitchen of The Clubwell Manor Plan 5037

The Clubwell Manor Plan #5037


13) Shaker style – This isn’t necessarily new, per se, but Shaker-influenced kitchen designs certainly isn’t going out of style. This look keeps things traditional and textural with a simplicity that is refreshing in our hectic lives.

Shaker style cabinetry in the Kitchen of The Birchwood Plan 1239

The Birchwood Plan #1239


To read about these trends in more detail, please refer to Natasha’s recent Houzz article: Trend Watch: 13 Kitchen Looks Expected to Be Big in 2015

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  1. Kody Loveless on

    Thank you for sharing. I really like #8. I like the idea of having a little black in my kitchen to make it look more sleek and elegant. I will have to give it a try. My wife and I are redoing our kitchen this fall, and we want to make sure it is done right and to our taste. I will have to share this with her.


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