Free-standing bathtub from The Richelieu Plan 1157

At some point in the past three decades “the bathroom proper” evolved from being a purely utilitarian and unglamorous space which one visited only out of necessity: to wash one’s hands, draw a bath, as well as to relieve other, more pressing, needs. All that’s changed today, of course, as the bathroom has been elevated to priority status among homeowners, builders, and designers. In fact, the bathroom is often the first room (along with the kitchen) that gets the most urgent attention from new home buyers. Let’s take a look at just a couple of the bathroom trends impacting home design in 2015.

Creature comfort meets contemporary design

Today’s homeowners want the best of both worlds. They want cozy, comfy features that make the bathroom a true destination to linger longer. And they also want a sleek, contemporary feel that blends with their particular style of house design. Above all, the Master Bath goes beyond mere functionality to complement the overall personality and feel of your living experience. When done right, the bathroom transforms itself into a dynamic living space that increases the value of your home. Below are a few trends we are highlighting courtesy of Decorator’s Wisdom, 10 Hot Bathroom Design Trends for 2015.

Expansive walk-in showers

Expansive walk-in shower of The Hollowcrest Plan 5019

The Hollowcrest Plan #5019

Free-standing bathtubs

Free-standing bathtub from The Richelieu Plan 1157

The Richelieu Plan #1157

Furniture-style vanities

Furniture-style vanitiy from the Oak Abbey Plan 5003

The Oak Abbey Plan #5003

Updated metallic features

Updated Metallic Features in the Master Bath of The Silvergate Plan 1254-D

The Silvergate Plan #1254-D

Efficient water-saving toilets

The Guinevere Toilet draws its design inspiration from traditional American furniture’s vertical detailing & gently notched angles that resonate in its distinctive column, graceful tank, & generous lid with ample space of necessities. Skirted for easy maintenance, the Universal Height Guinevere one-piece toilet is ADA-compliant.  Its inner beauty arises from TOTO’s 1.28 gpf Double Cyclone High-Efficiency Flush Engine. For more information, colors, and pricing, please visit

Guinevere One-Piece Toilet by TOTO

Radiant heated floors

Hand-held showers (and rain showers)

Walk-in shower with hand-held and rain fixtures from the Heatherstone Plan 5016

The Heatherstone Plan #5016

Soft LED Lighting

Soft LED Lighting in the bathroom of The Zeller Plan 1014

The Zeller Plan #1014


These are just a few of the hot trends you will want to consider — trends that will add comfort, style, and value to your bathroom — today, and over time.

To read about 2015 bathroom trends, please refer to the recent article in Decorator’s Wisdom: 10 Hot Bathroom Design Trends for 2015.


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      Hi Angelina, we are a stock plan company and are not involved in the building process. A local builder should be able to provide you with a cost to build estimate.

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    Great story Emily! Beautiful photos and bathrooms. Nuheat can also be used to heat those big walk in showers and benches you featured, great addition as often the water is not heating up the tile or air in such a large space.


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