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By Charles Richardson
Georgian Home Plan - 868 The Wedgewood

Home Plan Exterior of the Wedgewood

Georgian architecture conjures up images of stately houses on vast, sweeping estates, where the privileged would mingle amid champagne, music, and starlit skies. In actuality, a Georgian home plan is simply a colonial design, albeit, it originated among wealthy New Englanders and genteel Southern land owners. The influences that make the Georgian home “stately” can be traced to the classical influences of the Italian Renaissance. The impressive facades, multi-storied composition, symmetrically aligned windows, and regal entrances were designed to create a feeling of grandeur as well as balance.

Georgian Home Plan - The Bradstreet

House Plan 930 – The Bradstreet

Colonial influences that extend to modern times

Americans have long had an infatuation with the Revolutionary period in our country’s history. Our founding fathers emerged during this era, of course, and their keen intellect was applied to everything they came in contact with—be it a Constitution, or a home design. Many of the Colonial styles you see in neighborhoods today have their roots in the early 18th Century—coincidentally, or not, the time when George’s I, II, III, and IV reigned in succession in England. It wasn’t until the mid-1880s however, that Gothic Revivalism in the United States began to inform and expand the possibilities of Georgian home designs. The Fedreralist style, for instance, is a prime example. Ever since there has been a nostalgia in the American homeowner that hearkens back to this heroic era, and continues to influence home designs today.

House Plan 868

Georgian Home Plan 838 – The Santerini

Characteristics of a Georgian Home Plan

• Panel, front-centered door entrance
• Square, symmetrical layout
• Rows of evenly spaced, horizontal windows
• A Palladian window over the entrance way
• Traditionally built of brick with wooden trim and accents—though later versions incorporated wood siding instead of brick
• Cornish embellished with decorative mouldings, usually dentil work
• Chimneys on both sides of the home
• A portico
• Roof: part Side-gabled, part Gambrel, part Hipped

Want to learn more about Georgian designs?

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