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A special thank you to all those that have provided a home plan testimonial!

As 2015 draws to an end, we would like to thank all our customers who have taken the time to provide a home plan testimonial. We are so happy to get feedback from customers who are building their dream homes and builders who are helping that dream come true for others.

The Birchmere home plan

Tammy P. purchased The Birchmere #1145

Tammy P.

To The Entire Team @ The Office of Donald A. Gardner Architects,Inc.
With a special Thank You to Kristie & Wendy!
Too often I think that great service goes unnoticed or unappreciated these days.
That being said I most certainly do not want to be one who hasn’t noticed or who has not shown in some way how appreciative I am of the great service and attention I have received from your office.
I was hesitant in shopping floorplans online. I had actually paid a local architect to draw my dream home. Turns out it was not at all what I expected. Soooooo, once again I went in search of the PERFECT home plan, and I can honestly say I believe I have looked at EVERY plan out there. I knew immediately that I wanted a Don Gardner Home. WOW!
From the very first call I was treated as top priority. And I made several calls….. LOL
Your team went above & BEYOND to assist me in every way. They certainly have made this experience the best!
So for that… I want to say “THANK YOU”!!!!!
P.S. My builder loves the plans as well, Great detail!

The Meadow Creek home plan

Brian B. purchased The Meadow Creek #1401 and used our designer for custom modifications.

Brian B.

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know what a wonderful job Tricia has done with my plans. I am very happy with the result and she was great to work with. Very knowledgeable, patience and responsive.

The Jasper Hill home plan

The Jasper Hill #5020 – Just one of the plans purchased by Walnut Cove Builders.

Skip Brewer – Walnut Cove Builders LLC

The Jasper Hill plan offered by Donald Gardner Architects is a stunning plan. Having built it, the home is more than the pictures really reveal. Lots of volume while retaining a comfortable feel inside. I have built many Donald Gardner plans and they rate at the top of portfolio plans.

The Franklin home plan

The Franklin #1024 is just one of many plans purchased from Ray Southeastern Design!

1.22.2015 – Ray Southeastern Design, Inc.
Don Gardner Architects have become an essential part our our business here in Louisville, KY and the surrounding regions. Between our company and previous companies that we have been a part of and/or worked for, we have been utilizing Don Gardner for more than 13 years. The plans built, most of them for custom contracts, have always been above and beyond our personal expectations. Our clients couldn’t be happier with the selection of plans and the finished quality and feel of their homes. In some very small cases we have asked for alterations to existing plans and we always receive them in a speedy and professional fashion. We can’t say enough about these guys and gals…Our company simply could not be as successful as it is today without this important and valued partnership. We look forward to many more years with Don Gardner Architects and their professional relationship with our company.

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