This home plan uses mixed materials to create a detailed Craftsman exterior.


The great room is open to the island kitchen, and the dining room leads to a cozy screened porch with a fireplace in this home plan. Each bedroom has a walk-in closet, and the master has two. The three car garage enters across from the walk-in pantry into a mud room. The nearby utility room has outdoor access under a covered porch with this home plan.

Click here to see home plan #1371-The Drake!

Home plan #1371 - front rendering

4 beds, 3 baths, 2,494 sq. ft.

home plan #1371 - floor plan

Click for larger image.

Compare to the original sketch and floor plan for conceptual design #1371.

Conceptual Design #1371: Small Craftsman Ranch

4 beds, 3 baths, approx. 2496 sq. ft. Click for larger image

Conceptual Design #1371 includes many of the great features of the Travis Plan #1350 in a smaller square footage. A mixture of stone, shake, and siding create a detailed Craftsman exterior for this open concept ranch plan. The foyer features a large coat closet and French doors that open to a bedroom/study with coffered ceiling. The great room has a fireplace with built-ins on either side, and is topped with a cathedral ceiling. The kitchen is open to the great room and dining room, with an island adding extra prep space. The single dining room has a tray ceiling and accesses a cozy screened porch with fireplace, grill, and skylights.

The 3 car garage has a storage bay and enters the home across from the walk-in pantry, making it easy to unload groceries. A small mud room with built-in shelves leads to the utility room, which features a closet, laundry sink, and outdoor access under a covered side porch.

Conceptual Design #1371: Bonus Room Floor PlanThe master suite has a tray ceiling, access to the large covered porch, his-and-hers walk-in closets, and a spacious master bathroom with separate vanities. Two additional bedrooms are at the rear of the plan with walk-in closets and a Jack-and-Jill bath with space-saving pocket doors.


Conceptual Design #1371: First Floor Plan


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  1. Joe F on

    Are there any updated photos of this plan? We are getting ready to build it and curious what others have done. We’ve made a few modifications that I think will turn out really nice.

    • Echo on

      Hi Jessica, we were not involved in the building process. All photos that we receive are sent in by the homeowner or the builder. I’m afraid we don’t know the paint colors used, but you may be able to use the photo to create a paint color match.

  2. Sharon on

    Wow. Love this plan with couple tweaks like others suggested (closets, laundry placement, fireplace location, scoot screened porch behind Master bedroom to give a full wall for bed furniture). I have looked at so many plans, my eyes were pleading for a good find, yay. Wishing we were ready & prepared to order plans, now I will be day dreaming too much, but this will get me through the Midwest winter. Thanks for this online site for perusing, so nice. And, You should include a complementary bottle of Visine with all orders..hahaha

    • Echo on

      Hi Sharon, so glad to hear you’re enjoying looking at our house plans, minus a little eye strain! Let us know if we can help with finding the perfect house plan as you get closer to building – we’re happy to assist. 1-800-388-7580 or [email protected].

  3. Justin Edwards on

    My wife and I have looked at probably a thousand house plans and this one is the only one she has really got excited about. It is definitely number one on the list the only question I have is what are the dimensions of the master bathroom? We would really like just one big closet but not sure how it would need to be reconfigured. Thanks

  4. Brandon on

    Do you happen to have a rendering of the sides of this plan as I can see that you have the front and back? It would be very helpful to be able to see the entire structures exterior so that I know what the side with the garage and porch entrance will look like. Other than a few tweaks I have in mind this is a great plan! The one main suggestion that I would make would be to remove the stairs for those that do not need them (or relocate them) and put the laundry room in its place with access from both hallways. This would give the house more functionality and keep from having to go through the kitchen with clothes. Other wise awesome job with this design!!

    • Echo on

      Hi Laurie,
      Our website will not currently let you place an order for a materials list without ordering a plan set. But you can call us to order just the materials list at 1-800-388-7580. We are not a call center so you should get through to one of our qualified customer service representatives right away!

  5. Stephanie on

    Hi, we are ordering this plan in the next few days and really want to know how long it will take to come in to us? Also, can you please tell me the measurements for the mud room “SEAT” and the mud room ” closet”?

    • Echo on

      Hi Stephanie, The Drake #1371 is readily available and can ship right away! I’m afraid we do not have any real photos of the design, it was only released this week so it has never been built. The mud room is 8’4″ x 5’4″ and the seat is 4’8″ x 2’0″. The nearby closet is 3’4″ x 3’0″. You can order on our website at https://www.dongardner.com/house-plan/1371/the-drake or give us a call at 1-800-388-7580.

  6. Stephanie on

    Hi, we are planning to order this plan The Drake in a few days..wondering how long it would take to get it? And if there’s any photos other than the 2 on the dongardner website?

  7. Paul Stuart on

    I like the house. I’d like an energy efficient home and some more bonus area upstairs. Upstairs I’d like an exercise room, a storage room, a bedroom with a bath, and a grandchild play room

  8. Lindsey on

    this floor plan is near perfect for me, and I have looked at a TON. Just a few ideas. Wondering if each secondary bedroom could have own bath with walk-in closet. Also, I’d love a way to access secondary bedrooms via a small hallway from laundry. We would also need stairs going down along withThe bonus room stairs going up.I would love a way to bump out the laundry area, and have the side porch as well….maybe a small onning for a side door for kids’ to use. I would also like a small la ding zone near garage entrance with a nice size closet/cabinet for coats, backpacks/bags and shoes. Curious if there is a rendering with more brick/stone, too. My husband has a hard time seeing variables. He is not a fan of the siding look, but think of the outside had a bit less craftsman and more europen look, I could sell him on this plan! It is almost perfect!!!

  9. Sarah on

    After 1.5 years of searching thousands of plans, I am almost certain this is the plan that I will purchase.
    How far away is the final plan and how long will it take to make a few minor changes that will better suit the need of my world?
    Thank you so much for creating the most thoughtful, beautiful plans on the market.

  10. Ann on

    I too love this plan! We are planning to downsize but need space for 2 children and grandchildren to come home to visit. Is it possible to carve out a small sleeping space for grandchildren (bunk beds, trundle, etc.) in the area with the 2 bedrooms, utility and side porch? I would rather their sleeping space be close to their parents. This space could do double duty as a studio or small office. Thank you!

  11. Shannon on

    Hi there. Would you be able to put the fireplace with large windows on each side on the back of the house instead of a patio door? (We would eliminate the patio completely in the build in order to this if possible). Would you be able to configure the two smaller bedrooms to each have their own small bathrooms, instead of a jack and jill? I thought we could eliminate the side porch in order to do this.

  12. Sarah Kucera on

    Love this plan!

    Couple questions, does the total sq footage of 2,496 include the bonus room, if not, what is the squre footage of the main floor alone? Also is there a completion date yet? And if I pre-order it when is the expected delivery date. THANKS and sorry for all the questions! 🙂

  13. Stacey on

    I love the Travis plan, but it was too large for me. This plan looks perfect and will be kept in my “dream” book. I love all the features that you’ve maintained from the Travis while providing a smaller footprint.

  14. Alice on

    Hi, Like others on this e-mail trail, I really love this plan and wouldn’t change much about it. I’m in tornado alley, so would need the basement option. I agree with Melinda’s recommendation to cut the entryway closet down in size and make the hall bath a 1/2.
    Have a question about the dimensions in the great room. I am fortunate to own a baby grand piano and would have to find a a corner to put it if I were to build this plan. Can you please share the dimension from the right side of fireplace to the wall, as well as the length from that corner to the door out to the porch? Thx.

  15. karen schanding on

    I would love to see a plan like this that has all the bedrooms together and a playroom where the stairs are currently located! That’s a plan I would buy and a house I would build!

  16. Matt on

    In a previous reply you state the dimensions would be approx 76’4″ x 87’7″. Does that include the garage in the 87’7″ or is that just the “yellow” colored living space? Also, would it be easy to add basement steps where they are in the Travis plan? Any idea of when this is going to be completed? I’d like to see all the specs of a completed plan before purchasing them and a materials list.

    • Emily on

      Hi Matt,
      The estimated overall dimensions do include the garage and porches, so the depth runs from the front of the garage storage bay to the back of the screen porch fireplace. A basement foundation option will be available when it’s complete, and the stairs will most likely be added where they are in the Travis plan. Since this a newer Design in Progress, it may not be completed until sometime next year unless someone places an order for it. I will reply here when it’s complete which should send you an email alert.

  17. Sarah Miller on

    I would like to see the kitchen and dining room reversed. I like to use my grill while cooking and would not want to have to walk through another room or lose sight of grill while in kitchen. Also, I dislike having a kitchen open into entertaining area. It is unpleasant to look at remains from cooking and I prefer to isolate cooking odors. If kitchen was in rear, I would exchange places for pantry and e space. If I am entertaining and using porches, the sight line is better from rear kitchen also. Having the living and dining areas together makes more sense to me for decorating ease. Also, it allows me to pull in more dining tables to living space if needed

  18. Jessica fertig on

    I love this floor plan but wish it had the bump out sitting area in the master like the slightly larger version of this floor plan has (1350).

  19. Zack Horne on

    I had a call over the weekend expressing interest in the smaller plan. Both plans are very nice. Do you have an expected cost to build or is there a fee to obtain that kind of information ? I am the owner of TRIDENT BUILDING, INC in Cramerton, NC just outside of Charlotte.
    Thank you.

  20. Tamarra on

    I love this! Does the bar area in kitchen allow for some stools? How many?

    Also not sure what roofline is like – but could long porch I’m back become a real room to accommodate a really long farm table to seat 18-20? (Like a table 4′ x 16′ or 18′ could it be extended out to same width as dining room 12-10? I would use the dining space in another way – possibly a pool table. Would this work. Or do you have another plan you would suggest?

    I like the outside – but really like the look of the Godfrey – could this be adapted to something more like that? Love it! Thanks!

  21. Amanda on

    Hi there!!
    I just wanted to check in and see if this plan was available yet and if you could give an estimate about how much the plans cost?

  22. kelly on

    I would extend the laundry room to the current porch area. Then build a covered porch with an entrance . Remove the closet and make the down stairs entrance there, since you already have the stairwell there.

  23. Melinda on

    This is a pretty perfect house plan. I agree with those about the laundry room access from the other two bedrooms, but there is no perfect plan that I’ve found. I’d make the bath off the bedroom/study into a half bath. I’d also made the entry closet a furniture niche and utilize the study closet as the coat closet or at least make the entry closet about 1/3 its size to allow for an entry table and mirror in the foyer. What is the overall width and depth of the plan? Thanks!

  24. Gayle on

    This plan is almost perfect just as it is! I agree with 2 previous points made. There needs to be laundry room access to the bedrooms without going through the kitchen, and for some of us the floorplan could be a bit smaller still. It has all the elements I’m looking for but is still bigger than I need.

  25. Amy on

    Love this plan !! Was considering the Travis, Ramsey, and Peyton, but the smaller sq footage without losing the “musts” is perfection! Can you tell me the sizes if the master closets and kitchen island? Have always wanted a huge island, perhaps another configuration could work in the space?? So excited about this plan!!?

  26. Kim Bias on

    I love this plan! We just finished construction on the Larkspur Plan as a second home and we are in love with it, but if this plan had been available at the time, I’m sure we would have chosen it instead.

  27. Angie on

    I love this plan. I do have one question, why is it that the bonus room never has 1/2 bath? If it were turned into a play room or theater room it would be annoying to have to run downstairs to use the bathroom.

  28. Kelly on

    I think I may have wept a little when I laid eyes on this floor plan. I fell in love with the Travis, but with just 3 people, the Travis is well, overkill? When I saw this downsized version that did not sacrifice a single thing that made me love the Travis (including walk in pantry, separate mud and laundry, 3 car garage), I knew my house plan search was over. Now, if I can just convince my family that we need to move yet again…

  29. Jeff on

    Great plan. There are very few things on my wish list that aren’t satisfied here. I would however replace the utility room porch with Bedroom No. 3’s closet. I’d then convert the existing closet in that room to a hall to allow easy access to the back bedrooms from the laundry. Of course I’d have to reconfigure the laundry room to allow access, but this would eliminate a walk through the kitchen or family room with a load of clothes bound for a back room. I also wouldn’t be opposed to a half bath somewhere. If all four bedrooms are used by the family, guests would be forced to use the front room’s bath as no other bathrooms are accessible from the main living area. Finally, I’d separate the bonus space to allow for a hobby room or bunk room at the end on the front of the house. Nice job.

  30. Stefanie on

    Love this! I have been looking at the Travis, but wanted a little less square footage. Does this have a basement foundation option, and any idea on when it will be available?

    • Emily on

      Hi Stefanie,

      We don’t have a completion date set for this plan yet, but if you’d like to break ground in 2015, you can order it in advance and we’ll push it to the front of the completion schedule! We would have the crawlspace version ready in about 12 weeks. There will be an optional basement foundation for an additional charge that will take another 4-6 weeks to complete. Give us a call to check pricing and timing: 1-800-388-7580

  31. Ann Thompson on

    I like this floor plan! The sq footage is a bit more than I need but it really looks pretty good. If I were to make any changes, I’d delete the 3rd car garage; have a screened in back and side porch (the side porch would be great for a cat lair); and if possible would try to make a private bath for both bedrooms, full or 3/4’s.

  32. Amy Shuttle on

    I love this floor plan. Think this is actually the closest plan to what we are looking to build next as we downsize. I would adjust the plan to eliminate the porch off the laundry room and use it for more garage storage instead. I would remove the doors to the patio off the master bedroom and place beautiful windows instead. On the second floor bonus, I would put a half bath and a wet bar. I’d also like to see how this house would look as a brick traditional.
    Thanks for all your great designs Don! Keep up the good work!!!


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