What Makes for Great House Curb Appeal?

How To Build A House With Great Curb Appeal

The Cedar Ridge offers great curb appeal.

The Cedar Ridge 1125-D

When building a new home, much of your focus is on the home’s interior. Where do you want to put the stove? What color flooring would look best? What material for the countertops would serve you well? While these are all important and valuable considerations to make, one factor you’ll also want to consider is the home’s exterior. A house’s curb appeal is just as important to your enjoyment of the home and its future potential resale value as anything you do with the interior. Here are some ideas for curb appeal that will help you choose the right house plans and make the right building decision.

The Silvergate has great curb appeal.

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Why Is Curb Appeal Important?

Why should a homeowner consider curb appeal when building a home? Curb appeal is a critical part of a home’s overall value. When you wish to sell your home and move to something new, curb appeal can add thousands of dollars to its value; and decrease the risk that the home will sit on the market for months on end without any action. While it’s hard to think about selling when you’re in the process of building, giving some attention to curb appeal now will save you headache, frustration and expense later.

The Park Ridge has great curb appeal.

The Park Ridge 1235 

What Gives a Home Great Curb Appeal?

House curb appeal comes from a number of factors. Some of the most important features that contribute to a home’s curb appeal include:

  • Overall look of the exterior
  • Front door curb appeal
  • Landscaping and lawn care
  • Accents and decor
  • Front porch
  • Attractive roofline
  • Lighting

You can add some of these factors after building the home, like decorations and landscaping, but some of them are incorporated directly into the home’s design. For instance, the presence of a front porch, the lighting built into the home, and the location or number of windows are all part of the house’s overall design, and difficult to add later. When shopping for a home plan, consider curb appeal design as part of your overall decision.

What makes a home appealing from the curb? A home that draws the eye is one that’s clean and inviting. It has a clear path to the front door, and the front door makes you take notice. An inviting front porch or front step is also effective. Neat, well-maintained landscaping helps, and colorful flowers can draw attention as well. Attractive and modern front yard hardware is also beneficial, as are unique touches, like a custom garage door. Finally, a splash of color — either in the form of front yard furniture and décor, or in a colorfully painted front door — draws the eye and gives the home a bit of charm.

The Sagecrest has great curb appeal.

The Sagecrest 1226 

Finding a Home Plan With Curb Appeal

When shopping for a home plan, make sure to consider the front exterior of the home as well as its interior elements. Look for one that feels inviting, and choose finishes that will add to, not detract from, the curb appeal. Donald A. Gardner Architects has a number of house plans with curb appeal for your consideration.

With plans like The Drake, with its gabled roofs and welcoming front door, or The Cedar Court, with its large front windows, you can build a home that has automatic curb appeal, ensuring your home’s exterior shines from the moment you move in until the day you’re ready to sell.

Browse existing plans today to find your next new home design.

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