Dream House Plans: Charleston-Style House Design

By Charles Richardson and The Plan Man
Home Plan #814 - The Sassafras

House Plan #814 – The Sassafras

 Of all the hundreds of home styles and dream house plans in America,

few have captured the hearts of families like the Charleston-style design. The sleek, narrow, two-story layout with welcoming piazzas or porches, and classic architecture, conjures up memories of high society and antebellum grandeur. Today, the beauty and timelessness of the Charleston design are made all the more appealing by home design options that combine a classic, historical feel with modern floor plans. Its influence upon American culture as a dream house plan extends far beyond the anachronisms of the old south.

Charleston House Design #1093 - The Battery Park

Charleston Home Design #1093 – The Battery Park

An aesthetically functional design

Like most house plans, the Charleston style was a product of its time and geographical location. The symmetrical, narrow, two-story configuration was originally adapted 1) for the smaller lot sizes on Charleston harbor and 2) to promote cooling air flow during the thick, stagnant summer days on the Carolina coast. In terms of exterior characteristics, options abounded, and were influenced by a range of historical styles, including Classical Renaissance, Federal, Italianate, Georgian, Victorian, among others. While the exteriors lent themselves to variation, the interiors were invariably consistent: two stories high, two rooms deep per floor, with a stairwell at the main entrance, and a prominent outdoor porch or piazza strategically located to capture cooling trade winds. Most also featured a charming, well-designed courtyard, albeit quite small, given the confines of a narrow lot.

Second Story Porch from Home Plan #814-The Sassafras

Second Story Porch from House Plan #814-The Sassafras

Common Features of Charleston-Style Dream Home

• Long, narrow, two-story layout
• Welcoming front porch or piazza
• Matching porch on second floor
• Open floor plans with minimal rooms
• Large windows and open hallways to encourage airflow
• Refined, detailed, exteriors to add charm
• Gathering rooms located in the front of the house

Open Living Space of Home Plan #814-The Sassafras

Open Living Space of House Plan #814-The Sassafras

Eager to learn more about Charleston-style house plans?

This popular design features many options from which to choose. A representative from Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc. can walk you through the various styles and options in order to locate a particular layout that meets your family’s unique needs. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact us today. Our professional team will be happy to help you get started. 800.388.7580

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