Dream House Plans: Southwestern Home Design

Dream house plans - 986 front exterior

The Sedona Ridge #986

When searching Dream House Plans, Southwestern house plans are one of the most easily recognizable designs in the United States.

By Charles Richardson and Chuck Tripp

With an architectural history that dates back to the Spanish Colonial era,

Southwestern home designs are especially prevalent in warmer, arid climates, such as Arizona, California, and New Mexico, among others. Southwestern dream home plans have evolved over the course of several centuries and have incorporated a range of influences, in particular classic Spanish Colonial, Mission, and Mediterranean.

dream house plans - 5025 front exterior

The Firenze #5025

The result is a home style that has plenty of options that can be customized to one’s tastes. Southwestern floor plans typically feature thick, stuccoed walls, ornamental flat frames, carved doors, open arches, patterned tile work, and inviting courtyards that serve as an extension of the home.

dream house plans - 986 rear exterior

The Sedona Ridge #986

Southwestern designs emphasize comfort

As Spain made inroads in the New Country, so did its architectural influences. Spanish conquistadors built single-story flats that were made of thick stucco or clay walls, and featured small windows, minimal doors, and little to no ornamentation. Over time, as other Europeans migrated inland, architecture began to assimilate multiple styles and influences. Traditional Spanish styles began to adopt Mediterranean and Mission influences. The result was more versatile designs that were adapted to the land on which they were built, and more emphasis was placed on decorative features to enhance the façade. Today, those influences remain and the terms Southwestern or Spanish refer to a broad array of styles and influences. Nevertheless, there a several characteristics that are consistent with this popular variety of house plans.

dream house plans - 1010 rendering

The Paloma #1010

Common Features of Southwestern Dream House Plans:

  • Terracotta roof tiles
  • Small windows with wooden shutters
  • Thick, stuccoed walls
  • Painted interior and exterior tile
  • Prominent, curved arches
  • Ornamental iron detail
  • Inviting courtyards and patios
  • Prominent balconies
dream house plan - 996-B rendering

The Las Cruces #996-B

Interested in building a Southwestern house plan?

Southwestern or Spanish Colonial home plans give homeowners a multitude of options and can be customized to fit one’s lifestyle, as well as the landscape. More suitable for warmer climates, these dream house plans work surprisingly well on both flat and hilly terrain. At Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc., we offer a rich variety of dream house plans and features that allow you build the Southwestern dream home plan of your choice. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact us today. Our professional team will be happy to help you get started. 1-800-388-7580 or [email protected]

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