Dream House Plans: French Country Home Designs

By Charles Richardson and The Plan Man
Home Designs House Plan 1178 - The Carrera

French Country Home Designs – Plan 1178 The Carrera

French Country home designs are to many the dream house plan.The mere name conjures up images of the lush, rolling French countryside in northern and southern France that is sprinkled with estate-like chateaus and idyllic farmhouses. Also known as French Provincial, the French Country style has become quite popular in upscale suburban neighborhoods. The majestic lines and impressive facades make a great first impression from the street and evoke a sense of elegance and refinement.

French Country Home Designs

Home Designs House Plan #5037 - The Clubwell Manor

Dream House Plan – The Clubwell Manor #5037

An elevated sense of style

French Country home designs have evolved over time to be one of the more diverse home plans and can be customized to homeowner preferences and lifestyle habits. Typically, however, this design features a square, symmetrical shape with windows balanced on either side of the entrance and a steep hipped roof. The advent of multiple building materials presents more options as well, but typically, stone, stucco, and brick are the most prevalent choices for the exterior. Other characteristics include stately, curved arches and ornate balconies to give the effect of a French manor house. The beauty of the French design is also one of the more versatile house plans and seems to fit nicely within any upscale neighborhood.

French Country Home Designs

Rear View of Home Design #5037

Common Features of French Country Design

• Large, steeply pitched roofs
• Brick or stone exterior
• Tall second-story windows
• Elegant porches with balustrades
• Domed arches
• Round, circular domes
• Stately, refined lines
• Protruding bays
• Expansive yards
• Manicured lawns
• Soft color scheme

Want to learn more about French Country House Plans?
Options abound with this house plan. Decoration may be minimal or elaborate, and may reflect European Renaissance traditions. The elaborate facades and generous floor plans make the French Country house an impressive home to entertain guests. Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc. features many dream home design options that incorporate variations of the French Country floor plan—each can be modified to meet specific needs or tastes. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. They will be happy to help you get started. Please contact us today at 800.388.7580

French Country Home Designs

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  1. Kody Loveless on

    I really like the balconies on the front of this home, and the mix of building materials is amazing. My cousin love the french country side, and has been to France half a dozen time in the last 6 years. He is getting ready to build on some property he has. I am sure he will love these Ideas. I will have to show him.


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