Building Your Dream Home: Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Dream Home

Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Dream Home

The Tucker Plan 1341

Building a home is a time filled with excitement, as you work to personalize and perfect your dream home plan. Yet with an increasing number of choices comes more chances to make a mistake. If you’re tackling the job of building your own home, you will want to avoid these common missteps to ensure the finished project is what you want and fits within your budget. 

Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Dream Home

The Newcastle Plan 994

Putting Wants Before Needs

With all of the choices you have when building your own home, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the “wants,” and run out of time or money for the necessities. Before you even begin shopping for floor plans, list your necessities and confirm the design you settle on has them. Remember, building your dream home means you have the ability to put everything you need into the property, so don’t overlook some of those needs.

Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Dream Home

The Cedar Creek Plan 959

Not Enough Square Footage

Sometimes floor plans are labeled with both square footage and cubic volume. Cubic volume accounts for the height of the ceilings as well as the square footage of the floor plan. While tall, cathedral ceilings are nice, and a larger cubic volume will make the home feel bigger, it’s the square footage in which you actually live. Consider the square footage first, and consider the cubic volume as a bonus.

Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Dream Home

The Carinthia Plan 1180

Failing to Picture Your Family in the Home

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when building a house is failing to think about your family’s dynamics when choosing the plan. Building your dream home gives you the opportunity to account for your family’s needs. Do you have babies who need tending in the night? In that case, a master bedroom on a separate floor is probably unwise. Are your children older, leaving you in need of privacy? In that instance, a house plan with space between the bedrooms is better. Give yourself permission to buy a floor plan that fits your family’s needs.

Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Dream Home

The Radford Plan 1108

Going Too Complicated

It’s tempting to pick the most complex floor plan you can find, but this can be a problem down the road. Not only are complex designs costlier to build, but they can also be costlier to maintain. What’s more, if the home is much more intricate than others in the neighborhood, going more complicated may hurt your resale value in the future. Choose a home plan that balances interest and simplicity.

Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Dream Home

The Jenner Plan 1185

Forgetting Future Needs

How long will you stay in your home? If you want to stay in your newly built home well into your senior years, you may wish to choose a floor plan that can easily be converted into an accessible property. Forgetting about future needs will mean you might have to tackle a major remodel or purchase another new home later.

If you want to avoid these common mistakes when building a home, be sure to choose the right floor plan. Donald A. Gardner Architects can help you find what you’re looking for with our extensive list of available plans. We also offer modifications to transform any existing plan into exactly what you want. For help finding the right home plan to accommodate your needs and goals, contact Donald A. Gardner Architects today!


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