Different Ceiling Styles For Your Dream Home

Ceiling Styles To Select For Your Dream Home

When building a house, it’s easy to get caught up in choosing the flooring, countertops and floor plan. Yet there’s one detail that can make or break a house design, and that is the ceiling style. Without attention to the ceiling, it simply serves a functional purpose. With a little creativity, the ceiling can be a focal point or a part of the home that unites its overall look. Here are some inspiring ceiling design options that can make your home special.

Ceiling Styles To Select For Your Dream Home

The Willamette Plan 1203

Coffered Ceiling

A coffered ceiling consists of a repeated pattern of sunken square or rectangular panels, with deep beams between each. This is a great option for a large room that already has substantial crown molding in the design, but little other architectural elements. Often, the light fixture is hung from the center panel, with recessed lighting fitted into the other panels.

Ceiling Styles To Select For Your Dream Home

The Radford Plan 1108

Vaulted Ceiling

In many open floor plans, the main living area is made even larger with a ceiling that slopes upward to a peak. These vaulted ceilings are literally built into the home’s design, but you can add to their character by placing a skylight into one or adding a beam at the center where they meet. Vaulted ceilings can also be domed instead of peaked for architectural interest.

Ceiling Styles To Select For Your Dream Home

The Markham Plan 1299

Trey Ceiling

A trey ceiling has a recessed portion of the ceiling, typically the center portion, to add character to the space and make it feel slightly larger. In most designs, the recessed area is where the lighting fixture sits. Some designs may add hidden lighting under the edge of the recessed area to brighten the space. It’s not uncommon to find homeowners painting the recessed area a different color than the rest of the ceiling.

Ceiling Styles To Select For Your Dream Home

The Sandy Creek Plan 1329-D

Interesting Ceiling Beams

Leaving the beams or pipes of the ceiling uncovered will add interest to the space, giving it a rustic or urban vibe that is popular among today’s decorators. Often, the exposed beam is painted a dark color or left in its natural wood state, a stark contrast to the rest of the room’s color.

Drop Ceiling
A drop ceiling is typically thought of as an option for finished basements and rec rooms. Though when done well, this style can be an attractive option for any room of the home. A drop ceiling can create the look of tile, wood and even metal to the ceiling, without the expense and excessive labor of adding these elements to your home. It’s also a practical option, because changing the look of this ceiling design is as simple as swapping the tiles.

Ceiling Styles To Select For Your Dream Home

The Tanglewood Plan 757

Find Home Plans With Distinct Ceiling Treatments

Want to build a home with a unique, attractive ceiling option? Donald A. Gardner Architects has you covered. Consider a design such as The Harrison, which boasts a coffered ceiling in the great room. Or take a look at The Tanglewood, a cozy space with a vaulted cathedral ceiling in the great room and master bedroom.

With Donald A. Gardner Architects, you can even customize the home plan you love to include ceiling treatments. Contact our team today to start the search for the right home plan with the ceiling treatments you want.

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