Current interior and exterior design trends 

Keeping up to date with current house design trends can help you plan your home remodel, select a design for your dream home, or keep your house looking updated with on-demand trends. Below, explore some of the hottest trends in interior and exterior home design to plan a home that feels fresh and contemporary.

Interior Design Trends 


Florals are back in style for home design. To keep it modern, stick to simple or neutral color palettes and larger prints. Look for floral wallpaper, floral curtains, floral throw pillows and floral duvets to add a pop of freshness to your home style.


Wallpaper is coming back in a big way, powered by the strength of the decal movement. The latest round of wallpaper is easy to install (and uninstall), and comes in bold colors and textures.

Dark Woods

Pale woods have been on trend for several years, thanks to the hugely popular Scandi trend. Expect dark woods to see a revival this year, as homeowners fall in love with the rich colors of deep wood sideboards, tables and more.


With more consumers looking for eco-friendly home improvement ideas, it’s no wonder fireplaces that double as a source of heat for the time are having a resurgence. Add a classic brick fireplace or go next-generation with innovative metal fireplaces that offer comfort and statement.

Exterior Design Trends

Brick Homes

Everything old comes new again, and brick homes are no exception. Brick is a durable material that’s timeless and modern — equally at home in the city and in the country. Brick homes require low exterior maintenance, since there’s no need to paint or stain the exterior.

Natural Elements

With technology instantly connecting people, more homeowners are looking to incorporate natural elements within the home. From peaceful gardens to bespoke patios and outdoor living rooms, new home plans make room for nature by building private, tranquil spaces in the yard through creative landscaping, mature trees, natural fencing and more.

Indoor/Outdoor Home Plans

Building off the success of open concept floor plans, come indoor/outdoor floor plans that accommodate the seasons and allow for three-season entertaining. Think entire walls that open to the outside, or a fully functional outdoor entertainment space rather than simple sliding doors or sunrooms that don’t really bring the outside indoors. Top plans allow for seamless connectivity between the inside and outside of the home. You’ll love living and entertaining in indoor/outdoor home plans.

Work With Donald A. Gardner Architects

Our home plans come in all sizes and styles, and we are always looking for ways to incorporate current design trends into our plans. If you can’t find the perfect plan for your home in our database of over 1,100 home designs, we are happy to customize any of our existing home plans for your unique needs.

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