In this three part series, we walk you through the artistic process of creating a home plan rendering!

A home plan rendering really comes to life when color is added. See Anita’s final steps as she colors in the sky and landscaping and selects a color scheme for the home’s exterior.

Part 3 – Creating a Home Plan Rendering:

Here, I have begun to add color. I usually start with the sky because it immediately gives a 3D look. I have switched from my library of hardline black/white brushes to my color/painting brushes.

Home Plan Rendering - The Kingston #1325

Beautiful color scheme for this house!

Home Plan Rendering - The Kingston #1325

In some ways, this is like the adult coloring books that are so popular! It’s very therapudic and satisfying to see the rendering coming to life. Coloring….I’ve done it all my life!

Home Plan Rendering - The Kingston #1325

Previously I had said that everything is complete except for the icing on the cake….the flowers! However, I think it is the stage before lighting the candles on the cake….icing, when if there is too much, it can get a bit sickening.

Home Plan Rendering - The Kingston #1325

The flowers and final touches have to be added carefully….enough to invite without being overwhelming. The ‘candles’ add just enough sparkle! This is the final rendering, if approved by the client. It’s very easy to make any changes, now or in the future, because each building material occupies its own layer.

Home Plan Rendering - The Kingston #1325

And a bit more from the artist:

Pot-n-Pans collection!

Home plan rendering

All original painting by Anita Bice – Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas.

You may be wondering, why Pots-n-Pans?  Well, I met a lady who commissioned some pen and inks several years ago and we became friends.  I later did a pastel portrait of her dog and a few more special projects. One of her requests came when she moved into a stately home in a beautiful neighborhood in Birmingham. In the kitchen, there was a very prominent wall which, unfortunately, was home to a very large fuse box.  She asked if we could come up with a vertical composition that would cover it up. We settled on a stack of pots and pans, 24×48”.  After the painting had been hung in her kitchen for a few weeks, she called me back and said I needed to paint more pots-n-pans because of the compliments it was receiving.  I’m now on about #38 in the series, and am earning a reputation as the ‘Pots-n-Pans Lady’!!!

Home Plan Rendering

Anita Bice

Be sure to visit Anita Bice Art to view more of her collection and continue to admire her work through our beautiful home plan renderings!

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