Creating a Home Plan Rendering – Part 1

In this three part series, we will walk you through the artistic process of creating a home plan rendering!

We live in a visual world. Where seeing images and color brings ideas to life. When creating our home plans, it’s important that we offer a visual representation of our homes’ exteriors.  That’s where our art illustrator comes in!  The talented Anita Bice creates our gorgeous color renderings that color life and depth into flat drawings.

Color home plan Rendering - The Kingston #1325

Meet the Artist

Anita Bice has worked as a freelance commercial illustrator for over 30 years from her home-based studio in Moody, Alabama.  Her love for art was nurtured by a high school art teacher and it was this teacher that encouraged her to major in Art.  She received her BA degree in Art and Business from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, continuing on to Chicago, Illinois for further study at the American Academy of Art.  There she majored in architectural illustration.

As a commercial illustrator, Anita paints in several artistic styles and media in order to accommodate the demands of each project. The most requested media has evolved from the traditional painting techniques of watercolor, pen-and-ink, and mixed-media-airbrush, to primarily digital pen-and-ink renderings and digital painting.

To see more of her work, visit her website at and follow her Facebook page at Anita Bice Art.

Anita will walk us through her artistic process to create the rendering for our Design in ProgressThe Kingston #1325.

Here is a ‘snapshot’ of my rendering process. The following steps show a more in-depth progression. I hope you enjoy!

home plan Rendering - The Kingston #1325

Plans supplied by Donald A. Gardner, and 3D home constructed.

home plan Rendering - The Kingston #1325

Using the architectural plans supplied by my client, I construct the home in a 3D rendering software program. This allows my measurements to be extremely accurate. In the ‘old days’ before the aide of the computer, I constructed the drawings on perspective grids/charts. If I sent multiple views, each one had to be constructive separately. Now with the use of computer animation, I can quickly rotate the view in order to send several views. I’ll usually send between 4-7 views from which to choose as the base for the pen-and-ink rendering.

home plan Rendering - The Kingston #1325

Check back for our second installment in this series next week! We will select a view and begin layering shadow and landscaping!

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