The Wheeler Plan 1404 is small cottage, packed with useful spaces!


The Wheeler – 1404: An efficient, open floor plan and roomy service areas highlight this charming Craftsman cottage. A large master suite is secluded at the rear, and a pantry and e-space are tucked into the passages connecting the garage and huge utility room to the kitchen area. A large screen porch and skylit rear porch extend the living space out of doors.

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Cottage Conceptual Design 1404: NOW Available!

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1912 sq ft.

Main Floor Plan - Conceptual Design 1404: NOW Available

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 New Cottage House Plan on the Drawing Board #1404

A cottage means different things to different people, and at Don Gardner we offer several interpretations of cottage homes to meet your needs. Maybe you want to build a new cottage for a starter home, or you might have a cottage in mind for a vacation spot. Whatever your cottage dreams are, Don Gardner has likely designed a plan to make them come to life.

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Cottage Conceptual Design 1404 - Now Available

Front Elevation

Conceptual Design #1404 is a small cottage home plan featuring a Craftsman exterior and efficient layout. At approximately 1800 sq. ft., this three bedroom design features an open living area, a roomy kitchen with a view, and plentiful utility and storage/pantry spaces along with an oversized garage that has extra storage and its own covered entryway. Custom ceiling treatments and box bay windows add charm and allow this design to live larger than its square footage, while the side entry garage with covered porch is perfect for corner lots. A screened porch with fireplace and rear porch with skylights expand living outdoors. You can also start on our home page to find more new home plans.

Main Floor Plan - Conceptual Design 1404 Now Available

Main Floor Plan

Bonus Floor Plan - Conceptual Design 1404 Now Available Bonus Room Floor Plan

Rear Elevation 1404 Now Available Rear Elevation

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  1. Juli Tedeschi on

    i have been looking at your plans for a few months, narrowing down to pick one out. We like this a lot, but also want a walkout basement with “U shaped” stairs down. is that a possible modification?

  2. GMP on

    Love this design but need a basement foundation. Is it possible to have this as an option? Also, might like seeing the fireplace on the outside wall wth windows on either side. This would free up additional wall space for TV and electronics. Would also need a bathtub in the guest bath. Would one fit?

  3. Matt Vega on

    Yes, great looking house. But I disagree about reversing the kitchen and dining room. As is, the dining room can double as a more casual breakfast area/keeping room. Formal dining rooms at the front of the house are so…80’s. However, I wonder if an island between the kitchen and dining room like with the Marley or Greenbranch might be possible?

  4. Sue on

    I love this floor plan. I would not change anything except I would have to reverse it. Need my garage on the left. I would close in the foyer and giving the kitchen a little more wall space and only one entrance to the bedroom. Other then that I love love love this plan. I will be building shortly and would consider this as a front runner .. Maybe dress up the outside a little. Love the back for the views. Lots of windows. PERFECT!!

  5. Ali y on

    I love this concept with jack n Jill bathrooms. My favorite is the Austin design concept so far. I agree when building your forever home looking for bigger master bedroom and closet since kids leave then it’s all about the parents enjoying the home. Vaulted or cathedral ceilings for ranch styles. Maybe have a secondary concept to adding 3/4 bath for bonus room to use as guest bedroom when you have family in or grownup kids with kids.

  6. Tom Lavin on

    Love it!! yes reverse the kitchen and dining room – gives an important room the first look it deserves. Make the master bedroom closet much bigger. I am in an over 55 development with a small home and my master bedroom closet is 6 X 16. The bigger a closet or closets are the happier a woman is. ( I learned that the hard way) Yes today we need to have a three car garage probably for resale value. The concept is really good with the upstairs spare room; I suppose it isn’t too difficult to add a bathroom and a closet.

  7. Gerri Hixenbaugh on

    Love the floor plan simplicity and openness. If I were to build it though, I would switch the kitchen and dining room so the kitchen isn’t the first thing you see when you walk in. I would also close the bedroom entry from the entryway. In my dream model of this, I would add a half bath, too. However, it has everything I would love with none of the extra spaces you don’t use. Love the Jack and Jill Bathroom. Nice work!

  8. Katherine Evans on

    I love this floor plan as well. I agree that the extra bedrooms should be larger. This would also enlarge the screened porch. Also would like a three car garage.

  9. Shawn Fitzpatrick on

    I love 1404, it is my favorite Gardner design and that is saying a lot. I hope to order it, but I think I am going to have the second BR and the BR/Study enlarged so that they are both in the range of 13×14 or so while attempting to leave the rest of the design just as it is.

  10. Stephanie shelburne on

    I love this plan! It ticks all my boxes. I love how all of his plans suits a family’s needs. We are currently living in the Rockledge. And can’t wait to build another Donald Gardner home.

  11. Ellen Snow on

    For over thirty years I have been watching DAG grow and evolve. I like the way you think! Maybe someday I’ll get lucky and be able to build. My favorite is the Foxglove (1297) but I wouldn’t want the dedicated bathroom for third bedroom. CD 1404 takes care of that. It comes closest to my ideal. And there is also enough of a front porch to actually sit down for a minute.
    The shift toward single dining space has it’s pros, but in most designs is too small for special occasions. If you want to have just one, consider enlarging them and allowing for eating space near kitchen. (I know, some are more than generous, but so is the rest of the house).
    The addition of the second dormer on the bonus room is a great idea. Opens up more space. I daydreamed about adding a 3/4 bath and making that the guest room so I could use third bedroom with exterior door for all my rescue dogs (they are part of the family and live in the house, the McKibbon’s, 1119, sunroom is perfect for that).
    Can’t wait to see 1404’s final rendering. It is a winner! Thank you Emily.
    Sincerely, Ellen Snow


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