The Hendricks – Home Plan 1370

This ranch design offers a relaxed, low-maintenance exterior with a rear-entry, two car garage. In this open design, the great room flows into the kitchen and single dining room. A private master suite features dual walk-in closets and vanities, a standing shower, soaking tub, and a sizable sitting room. Two additional bedrooms, each with walk-in closet, share a Jack & Jill bath and a third room serves as a bedroom or study with full bath. An e-space and pantry bring functionality to the design while the utility room conveniently opens to a covered porch. A screened porch with skylights and fireplace allows for year-round outdoor living while a covered porch and patio are available when the weather is kind.

Home plan 1370

2909 sq ft, 4 beds, 3 baths

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home plan 1370

80′ 4″ x 73′ 2″

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Conceptual Design 1370

home plan 1370: Ranch designed for corner lots

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Conceptual Design #1370 draws inspiration from the Travis Plan #1350 with its relaxed, low-maintenance exterior and family-friendly layout. Double columns and an eyebrow arch define the front entry, leading to the foyer with tray ceiling and a large coat closet. The living areas are completely open to one another and lined with windows facing rear views. The kitchen is steps away from the dining room and features a large prep island and an open counter serving the great room. Living extends outdoors with a covered porch and a screen porch with skylights and fireplace.

The bedroom/study is at the center of the plan and topped with a coffered ceiling. Two additional bedrooms share a Jack & Jill bathroom, with a nearby e-space that can serve as a homework station. The master suite is positioned at the opposite end of the home, and features huge walk-in closets with pocket doors, a large bathroom with separate vanities, and a 10’ x 6’ sitting room for relaxation.

home plan 1370: Bonus Room Floor PlanIdeal for corner lots, the two car garage with storage bay sits at the rear of the home with a bonus room above. The covered side porch enters to the utility room and mud room, where built-in shelving and cabinetry await bags, keys, and shoes, keeping clutter away from the living spaces. An oversized walk-in pantry provides extra storage near the kitchen.


home plan 1370: First Floor Plan

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64 comments on “HOME PLAN 1370 – NOW AVAILABLE!

  1. Najie Culley on

    I have built one home designed by Mr. Gardner (The Cedar Court) I think that is the name, and I love it but way to big for just one person now. The Travis is my choice for my next home. In the bathroom I would love to eliminate the closet on the right coming into the bath area and turn part into a dressing table. Place the other basin along the right wall with dressing area. Also the sitting room in the bedroom would become another closet. I have found I do not use the sitting room areas but the closet would serve my needs more. I don’t believe it would hurt the resale value. I like the look of the front of the new plan better than the Travis but I do need a three car garage. I like the garage more to the back of the home. I have looked at thousands of house plans but I always come back to Donald Gardner’s plans. Also I would love for the pantry to be much bigger and also used as a safe room. After living in a 6,000 sq. ft. home, I found the need for a dressing table area, a large pantry, and a large master closet. As soon as I sell my home, I will be calling for modifications.

  2. Jan Jennings on

    Don Gardner offers the best one level homes of all designs I have viewed. I love the Travis – so this is an excellent house plan with similar design. I really like this plan, however, I like functional as well as looks. This is what would work for me. I would switch the pantry with bathroom #2. Thus, close the wall between pantry and study. Provide a stairwell to downstairs instead of the small closet near the utility room. Outside porch entry to the utility room would be closed off with walls to create an outside storage room. Three car garage would be a great idea with a separate door for entry and I would screen both porches. Thanks for asking for comments. Great job.

  3. Sharon Hall on

    Perfect! We just bought a corner lot and needed the garage in this placement. Is there a drawing or rendering of the back of the house? Would like to see the roof lines.

  4. Andrea Driver on

    Generally lovely and the perfect amount of square footage, but I would alter it for my needs as follows:
    1. I know lots of people like the kitchen in the center of the house so that it is in the middle of other social spaces, but I still prefer a kitchen on an outside wall because there is no substitute for a bank of windows over the kitchen sink for me. So I would switch the locations of the dining room and the kitchen.
    2. Turn the br/study and its bath into a 2nd living area.
    3. Square off the right side of the plan by getting rid of the stairs to the bonus room (and the bonus room itself for me), which allows you to move the br that is sticking out back into the interior of the plan. Might need to bump out entire right wall of house a foot or two.
    4. Add a half bath by ditching the e-space and using some of the stairwell space.
    5. Get rid of the current screen porch, screen in the current back porch instead.

  5. AH on

    I really like this plan. I like that this modification on the Travis plan but in this design moving the garage to the back.

    I would like to see linen closets in bathroom 2 & 3. This could be done in bathroom 3, jack & jill,, by increasing size of bathroom and extending it out to length of bedroom 3.

    I also would like to see farm house type long front porch.

    I agree with flipping the pantry entrance to the other side and putting e-space at garage door entrance to catch phones, bags, etc.

    Looking forward to seeing this plan finalized.

  6. HJ on

    I have always liked Don Gardner plans, but now that his company has discovered how to put in laundry rooms on exterior walls, I love just about every plan. This is really a wonderful plan.

    Utility Room/Laundry
    – Exterior wall is wonderful.
    – I like the extra storage in it — could make it a full blown mud room and having a closing door gets mudroom out of sight.
    – Don’t forget to include clothes hanging space amongst the cabinetry.

    Butler hallway (outside the Utility Room & to the left of the garage door entrance)
    – base and upper cabinets there are extra storage for groceries, out of season dishware, “junk” drop, etc. Brilliant idea.
    – of course this could be modified to be the mud room area, and the laundry just a laundry.

    – Make sure to put outlets, an area for base cabinets and small appliances to operate, and a small prep sink with disposal in there. It doubles your prep area, especially for holidays. (Saw the idea on Pinterest and always think about it now.) The sun tunnel light will keep it bright and inviting during the day.

    Bonus Room
    – I liked the idea suggested earlier that the bonus room could be a hallway. This could be accomplished by making the bonus room entrance on the dining room wall, compensating for the space taken by pushing the garage & utility room/hallway area to the right a bit. The side porch would also move to the right, the 3rd bedroom could remain the same.

    – Great Room Porch
    – I adore having two porches, but both would be screened for me so doors could be flung open to the breezes on two sides. Two screened porches would be two extra living and/or dining rooms.

    Porch stairs
    – I like the wide inviting stairs. I would take the screened porch stairs even a little farther toward the fireplace to encourage more flower pots and herb pots.

    – I have never been a fan of bedrooms right off a foyer. I would rather put the bedroom door in the hallway and put closets on either side of the door, or something that can eliminate that foyer entrance.

    – Love the closet separation.
    – I don’t like or use a tub and consider it a waste of water to get clean. Soaking is a different story, but neither of us do that either. I can see the value in keeping it for resale, however.
    – I don’t use a vanity, but it is a nice idea.
    – Lots of light. Always wonderful to have natural light in the bathroom. (Except during lightening storms)

    – Must have a 2nd deep sink in that long island so cooks can get water needed quickly and prepping can be done in two places. I sometimes prep something else while I am cooking so I can do that and still be close to the stove area. I would consider a microwave installed in the end of the island facing the refrigerator. I would also look at the possibility of having stacked double ovens to the left of the cooktop.

    – I don’t think the e-space will fit 2 kids much less 3. Not sure what I would do with that. It definitely needs some way to hide any clutter that develops there.

    – Easily fixed to any design style I am sure.
    – I would immediately look at options for a solar friendly (read maximum number of panels possible).

    – Agree that 3 cars seems the default now….more for storage & toys as much as for another car.

    – I love the turned corner design for the privacy it enables. You state right at the start it is for a corner lot.

  7. ElsieB on

    I like this plan, especially because it has no formal dining room. It’s difficult to find plans without a formal DR. If it had the following modifications I would buy it:
    1. Add a 4th BR, a full bath, and some walk-in attic storage upstairs
    2. Basement foundation
    3. Expanded front porch for sitting
    4. Larger garage (add 1-2 more bays) and pull the garage out some to make room for another living space in rear of house (den, game room, workspace, etc…).
    5. Add a laundry room near to or connected to the master BR area
    6. Make exterior styling more farmhouse/french county farmhouse style
    7. Expanded mud room space

  8. C. T. on

    I love this plan! I wish the front porch had an equal amount of space on each side. Would it be possible to to expand the width of the plan to slide the study over a few feet? A three car garage would also be a plus.

  9. Kim Phillippi on

    One more change would be to swap the pantry and the e-space so that the small “desk” area would be as you come in from the garage to catch all of the “junk”.

  10. Kim Phillippi on

    I love the main living area and master’s suite. The main change I would make is to turn the small porch off of the laundry room into a bathroom for Bedroom #3. Having a boy and a girl (just shy of 2 years apart), I think it is important for them to have their own, completely separate bathrooms. This gives them privacy, but also keeps everyone separate if friends are over…call me old-fashioned! 🙂

  11. Lisa on

    I love this plan. Great movement from room to room, large pantry, bonus room above the garage is the perfect touch for me. If I could find the right property, I would love to built this or something very similar.

  12. Scott on

    I think you should make it with a wrap around porch option that starts at the front door area and goes to the punchout of the third bedroom

  13. Em on

    It’s a pretty nice plan. I like the size of the utility room, the jack & jill bathroom and the closets. I would get rid of the sitting room, make the study/bedroom in the front a dining room with a cut out area for the hutch (like the Birchwood plan), reduce the size of the dining room so it would be a kitchen eating area. A small office would be nice. A reduction in overall size to 2,500 square feet would be good.

  14. Michele Komosa on

    My husband is a builder and we are hopefully building somewhat similar plans using the Shenandoah foot print from Living Concept House plans. Although our plan is 2500, we are enlarging a couple of things which will bump it up to about 3,000. Your plan: LOVE the single story plans (we are 55 and 60) but from the outside this plan looks old, just not my taste I suppose but I find it to Hansel and Gretel like. Love the room sizes, the open plan but I prefer some decorative columns and I DO NOT like the garage in the back. Would like to see it on the side but as a side load with windows toward the front….giving the perception that the home is larger. It is a lovely plan and I am sure folks will love it. I certainly like most of it.

  15. Patti Surak on

    Really love this plan. Have been trying to find plans that are open with good flow and have only one dining area. The Master bath is arranged nicely and has good closet space. Also like the good sized guest bedrooms with JacknJill bath and the study/bedroom with it’s own bath. Unfortunately, the land we own would not allow for the rear garage – it would need to be closer to the street entry and be a 3 space. Our lot would also dictate that the plan be reversed. If the garage could be moved, would like to move the screened porch to the side of the dining area and increase the patio space beyond the dining area. Love the large outdoor living spaces that are easily accessible for practical use. The laundry area is large and has a window/door to the outside – that is a bonus to me. All in all, an outstanding plan.

    • cd on

      First of all, this is a stunning home. I would like a one-story home with ADA accessibility. I am seriously considering ordering this home with modifications:

      Exterior – I would like the exterior to be craftsman/farm house style w/larger, extended porch and a side entry ramp for wheelchair access)

      Screen Porch – would like the screen porch to be relocated to the other side of the dining room as well. Would make the current screen porch a hearth room w/fireplace (arched entrance from dining room into hearth room)

      Garage – the garage completely blocks any rear view (need more outside views). The relocated garage (to the right of the utility room) could be accessed through a portico (which would allow for cars/trucks to drive through to the rear) with a walkway from the utility room sun porch. Would like to have a “garbage” shed attached to the exterior garage wall to contain trash, garden refuse and recycle bins.

      Bedroom 3 – french doors facing the front of the house and opening up onto deck.

      Utility Room – Windows along the rear facing utility room wall so as to make the chore of laundry more enjoyable. I love the idea of a sun porch off the laundry room to use as a cat room (litter boxes, food, cat sitting/sunning counters with windows all around).

      Smaller Master Closet – would include washer/dryer with a countertop on top for easy folding and where w/d can be rolled out for repairs (not stackable, as repairing a stackable is very challenging).

      Master Sitting Room – would extend to the length of the Master and have the door to the back patio relocated to the sitting room. French doors in the center to separate the sitting room from the Master. Sitting room would have a lovely fireplace/mantel, bookcase and windows. Fireplace would be such so that the fireplace could be viewed from Master Bedroom (this is our current set up in our home, and we LOVE it).

      Master Bathroom – if possible, have a walk-in shower, and small gas fireplace on wall next to tub or in place of the window (window could then be placed above the fireplace to allow for privacy, while still providing light)

      Bonus Room – I don’t necessarily require a bonus room (it would only be useful for guests and future grandchildren);

      Eliminating stairs:
      Option #1: increase pantry size, increase E-space to the right, use left over space for more storage.
      Option #2: convert one side of the stairs to a hallway (next to pantry), and additional storage/linen closet on the right (on other side of bedroom #3 closet).

      Thanks for soliciting input. I appreciate it very much. Don Gardner designs are by far my favorite of any home plans I have viewed over the past year.


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