Choosing Your Home Builder

Construction Progress of the Capistrano Plan #1227-D. Choosing Your Home Builder

If you are planning to build your own home, it helps to meet with at least three builders to talk about your options. A good home builder will be able to help you understand the different phases of the home building process. They will focus on keeping you informed about the different requirements of building your new house, and how long it will take. Selecting your home builder is as big a step as selecting your dream home plan. Here are some tips to help you find the right home builder.

Define Your Needs

After finding your dream home floor plan, you need to look for builders that are willing to build the home for you.  You will want to look for builders that are accustomed to building homes from a variety of designers and if possible, find a builder that has built and is familiar with Don Gardner home plans. You should already have your dream home plan chosen before meeting with builders to ensure you pick the design that best fits your needs and not the builders.

Search for Experience

When you have plans for a house, it helps to find a home builder with experience. Experience shows that the builder knows how to handle a number of different things that occur during the building process. If possible, visit some of the homes the builder has built in the past couple of years. This will give you an idea of what they and their sub-contractors can do, and if their style and attention to detail meets your expectations. Another important thing to consider along with experience is their reputation. Do previous homeowners rank them highly? Do they refer them to others? It helps to search for a home builder with experience to know their work will be able to translate your dream home into reality.

Construction Progress of the Chatsworth Plan #1301-D: Choosing Your Home Builder


Discuss the warranty options with potential builders. Do they provide a home warranty? Do they offer any additional warranty services from other builders? How many warranties claims have been made against their builds in the past 3-5 years? In addition to warranties, how well does the builder handle follow-up punch list work? Do they address issues that arise after closing in a timely fashion?

Insurance and Background

Always do your research on the builder to make sure they have adequate insurance to cover all workers that will be on-sight during the construction along with any other issues that might occur. It is also extremely important to verify that your builder is licensed. Knowing you are hiring a person with a quality reputation is the best way to know you are hiring the right person to help you build your own house.

Find A Home Builder experienced with Don Gardner Home Floor Plans

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28 comments on “Choosing Your Home Builder

  1. Chris Pederson on

    I never thought about discussing the different warranty options with builders. I want to get a new home built soon. I didn’t even realize how important warranties are now.

  2. Megan Alder on

    My husband and I are planning to start our house project, and we are looking for advice to choose a contractor. You made a great point when you said how relevant it is to have our needs cleared for when the moment to choose the design comes. I will talk t my husband so that we get to plan what we want, and talk to a contractor.

  3. Rebecca Gardner on

    Thanks for explaining that experienced builders will be better equipped to handle the many different aspects of the project. My sister and her husband want to find a professional home builder so they can have a custom living space with features they’ve always wanted like a game room and theater. I’ll send this article to them so they can more easily find the right home builder in their area to handle the project!

  4. CCA Concrete Contractor Austin on

    Before getting a contractor. You have to be sure that the contractor will be able to provide your needs. I will recommend to see his previous works before giving the contract. Reputed contractors should be hired for quality work. Must take written warrenty,

  5. Rosie Beckett on

    My father has been in a wheelchair for the past few months ever since he got in a car accident. I am thinking about building a custom home for him so that it’s easier for him to get around. It would be great to find a builder who I can trust, and you make a great point that I should look for a building service that provides a warranty. Plus, I will make sure to ask how many warranty claims have been made against their homes.

  6. Jordan Miner on

    I’ve been looking for someone to help us with home construction, and I think that being able to get some tips would be good. I’m glad you talked about looking at the insurance and background that a builder has. I think that having a good background would be awesome for a builder and help me get the house I’m looking for!

  7. Dan Moller on

    I’ve inherited a piece of land from my grandparents so my wife and I have decided that we wanted to build our home there. I could ask for help from my brothers to build our house, but my wife insisted that it would be better and cost-efficient to just hire professionals to do it for us, so I went to see for myself. I like that you mentioned that a constructor’s experience must be weighted as well, and I would agree. I’ll discuss this and finalize with my wife once I get home.

  8. John Mahoney on

    I agree that it is important to find a builder that can provide a warranty on your home. It makes sense that asking about this can help you rest assured you are safe and the home is stable. I would want to find someone that has a good reputation and can provide results from previous jobs.

  9. Annika Larson on

    I have always dreamed of having my own custom home built, and now we are planning to make these dreams reality. Of course, we need a builder that will be able to capture our vision and provide quality service. I agree that experience can be a great indicator of their qualification. I’m sure looking at their past projects could be especially helpful.

  10. Trayson Evans on

    I was recently looking at houses in the city I want to move to. It was hard to find something that fit all of my needs. Building is becoming more appealing to me. I especially liked that the article pointed out that I should envision my dream home. I feel like my search so far has helped build that dream.

  11. Jasper Whiteside on

    Probably some of the best advice I’ve ever heard about building a home is to discuss warranty options. I usually try to do a walk through of the home of apartment right away to see if there are any defects so that I can have the warranty work done right away. This makes it easier for the builder to get done too.

  12. Dennis Sanchez on

    I really love what you said about making sure that the builder provides a warranty on the work they do. My uncle wants to have a summer house built down south and has been looking for a builder to do the job. If he offers a warranty, he’s probably going to be confident that his work will last for a long time. That’s the kind of quality work my uncle want’s on his future home.

  13. Nash Rich on

    I think getting a new home builder that is experienced and legit, is the best way to go. If they don’t have insurance, that could be really bad, because accidents happen. I also think a warranty is something really good to look for. It shows that they have confidence in their work, and you have it in case something happens.

  14. Jen Pack on

    It has been my dream for many years to build my own home and this is really motivating me to do it. I like the idea you give of hiring a home builder that has your needs in mind. I imagine that it would be really important to tell them exactly what it is you want and need so they know how to make your dreams come true. Thanks for sharing this!

  15. Joel on

    I hadn’t thought of the warranty and insurance checks before, but it makes sense that it’s important. My wife and I are looking into building a home within the next few years, and finding a good home builder is hard mostly because we’re not sure what to look for. This article helps a lot with that. Thank you!

  16. Jane Fox on

    This is great advice! My fiance and I have been thinking about building a new home, but we didn’t know where to start in terms of finding builders. I think you’re right to say that we need to define our needs. That will certainly make things easier if we know specifically what we’re looking for when we’re looking around. Thanks so much for the article!


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