Interior Design


Free-standing bathtub from The Richelieu Plan 1157

At some point in the past three decades “the bathroom proper” evolved from being a purely utilitarian and unglamorous space which one visited only out of necessity: to wash one’s hands, draw a bath, as well as to relieve other, more pressing, needs. All that’s changed today, of course, as the bathroom has been elevated to priority status among homeowners, builders, and designers. In fact, the bathroom is often the first room (along with the kitchen) that gets the most urgent attention from new home buyers. Let’s take a look at just a couple of the bathroom trends impacting home design in 2015.


Ceilings that make you look up: Kitchen from the Clarkson Plan #1117

To many, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Beyond its mere utilitarian purposes—preparing food, washing dishes—it’s a place to make memories, as well as meals. The kitchen has become a universal hub for domestic and social activity: bonding with family, having a glass of wine with friends, doing homework, making phone calls, gossiping about the neighbors, and more. With so many varied interests and options taking place in one location, it’s hardly surprising that the kitchen is one of the most fussed-over and thoughtfully conceived rooms in any house.