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Vote for your favorite exterior siding for conceptual house design 1456!

We are always striving to design homes that our customers will love. From overall home styles to exterior materials and floor plan layout, it’s important to us that we are creating homes that satisfy current trends while still keeping a focus on the longevity of the design. We have created two options for the front elevation of conceptual house design 1456. What’s your preference;  (A) cedar shakes with stone accents or (B) board-and-batten, stone, and cedar shakes?

Option A:

The primary exterior material is cedar shakes and stone.

Option A for conceptual house design 1456.

Tips to Utilize a Narrow Lot to Your Homes Advantage

Utilizing A Narrow Lot To Your Advantage

The Leland is designed for a narrow lot.

The Leland – 50’0″ x 58’8″

If you’re considering building a home on a narrow lot, you will need to know how to make the most out of the space. With the right narrow lot home designs, you’ll find that narrow lots have quite a number of benefits. Here are some ways that you can use your narrow space and your home plan to your advantage.

What Makes for Great House Curb Appeal?

How To Build A House With Great Curb Appeal

The Cedar Ridge offers great curb appeal.

The Cedar Ridge 1125-D

When building a new home, much of your focus is on the home’s interior. Where do you want to put the stove? What color flooring would look best? What material for the countertops would serve you well? While these are all important and valuable considerations to make, one factor you’ll also want to consider is the home’s exterior. A house’s curb appeal is just as important to your enjoyment of the home and its future potential resale value as anything you do with the interior. Here are some ideas for curb appeal that will help you choose the right house plans and make the right building decision.


We are working on a collection of Urban Farmhouse designs to meet the growing trend!

The Coleraine plan 1335 with an urban farmhouse exterior.

The Coleraine 1335 (Modified with an Urban Farmhouse exterior)

An Urban Farmhouse is a modern interpretation of classic Farmhouse features. Characteristics of an Urban Farmhouse include, board-and-batten siding, metal roof accents, neutral colors and an open and modern floor plan. Unlike a traditional Farmhouse, an Urban Farmhouse will likely be constructed on smaller or narrower lot. For this reason, our collection offers designs that will work well in Urban or Suburban neighborhoods.

Showcased below is a Design in Progress and a few conceptual designs that are on the drawing board. Later we will show you how you can add Urban Farmhouse features to existing plans in our portfolio.


Our May Color of the Month is from Sherwin-Williams in the shade Icy Lemonade!

May color of the month

Sherwin-Williams – Icy Lemonade

In honor of the Spring season, we have chosen Icy Lemonade from Sherwin-Williams as our color of the month for May. This bright and cheery color is great for exteriors or interiors and promotes a feeling of happiness! See how Donald Gardner homeowners have used light yellow hues to brighten their homes.