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NEW HOUSING TRENDS 2015: Environmentally friendly design options

By Chuck Tripp

Smog Eating Tile from Boral Roofing

It seems everyone is more educated and concerned about being environmentally friendly these days. And that’s a good thing. That certainly applies to home designs and house plans. The old, misguided notion that being Eco-friendly meant you had to compromise comfort or aesthetics for your home is completely unfounded. In fact, by choosing some of the sustainable options for your house plan, you can have the best of both worlds: an environmentally sound home that looks good and can even help you conserve money on your energy bill, as well.

NEW HOUSING TRENDS 2015: Time to hit the deck

By Chuck Tripp

And the patio…and the porch…and whatever else adds value and sophistication to your home’s inviting, outdoor gathering spaces. We recently wrote about the popularity of taking hospitality outdoors (see our recent blog, The Great Outdoors). We want to take that a step further, or rather, a step closer to the house proper, while extending the outdoor living experience in a way that is attractive, functional, and ultimately charming to friends and family alike.

The Oak Abbey - House Plan #5003

The Oak Abbey – House Plan #5003