Bonus Room Ideas

Ways to utilize your bonus room that add flexibility to your home.

More than just extra storage, a bonus room can become the ideal space for crafts, hobbies, or entertaining. Cheerful colors and dormer windows help create an open feel for a play room or rec room. Or, use darker colors and rich details to create an intimate entertaining space. Check out these bonus room photos from a selection of Don Gardner home plans:

The Yarborough Plan #964
Bonus Room of The Yarborough - House Plan Number 964

415 sq. ft.

Dormer window seats and light, neutral colors make this an inviting game room. The perfect spot for Foosball, board games, or an arcade machine, without taking up space on the main level.

 The Amherst Plan #753
Bonus Room of The Amherst - House Plan Number 753

481 sq. ft.

This bonus room is large enough for a billiards table. Darker colors are softened by white wainscoting with a built-in entertainment center that anchors the space.

The Clarkson Plan #1117
Bonus Room of The Clarkson - House Plan Number 1117

498 sq. ft.

An alternative to the bright and sunny bonus room, this media room can be completely darkened to enjoy movies on the big screen. Set up with surround sound, dimmer lights, and cozy couches, with a wet bar for snacks and drinks so there’s no need to run downstairs during the show.

The Rowan Plan #1366
Bonus Room of The Rowan - House Plan Number 1366

568 sq. ft.

A more traditional option is to set up a bedroom or guest room. This bonus room is pre-designed with a full bathroom and plenty of space for one or more beds. Dormers provide the perfect spot for a desk to make guests feel at home.

The Churchdown Plan #867
Bonus Room of The Churchdown - House Plan Number 867

481 sq. ft.

Because it’s separated from the rest of the home, the bonus room is a great place to get creative with your design and color choices. This playroom is a kid’s dream with vibrant colors, bunk beds, and plenty of room to play!

The Irwin Plan #297
Bonus Room of The Irwin - House Plan Number 297

345 sq. ft.

Move band practice from the garage up to the bonus room where it’s climate controlled. Older children can practice their instruments with less worry about the noise level bothering others in the home.

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  1. Deirdre Sickles on

    My husband and me built a Donald Gardner home and we love it. These ideas however, need updating. I’ve seen them too many times. I’m looking for new ideas for certain areas of our home. We wish to update so our home will be current. Please correct these old, outdated pictures. Thank you.


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