Best House Plans For A Narrow Lot

Building on a Narrow Lot? Here are the best house plans to choose from!

Narrow Lot The Sassafras #814

The Sassafras #814

In areas where property values are exceptionally high, narrow lots are appealing because they are more affordable. At Donald A. Gardner Architects, we have been hearing from our customers that demand for narrow lot house plans is on the rise, as more and more people want to live in urban areas where land is at a premium. Yet, builders still want to be able to present their customers with home plans that have spacious interiors and curb appeal. This means, a specific type of house plan that accommodates demand for quality within minimal space is necessary.

The Limitations of a Narrow Lot

Narrow Lot The Merrill House Plan #1209

The Merrill #1209

A number of limitations must be accounted for when creating narrow lot home plans. First, these lots typically allow for no more than two rooms in width for the home design. This means, the home plans must provide space from front to back or from top to bottom, rather than from side to side.

Also, the smaller front facade limits the amount of natural lighting from front windows, which means windows should be tall and distributed on all sides of the home to ensure plenty of natural lighting and air flow. The best house plans for narrow lots will address both of these concerns.

Narrow Lots Require Floor Plans with Depth

Narrow lots often have plenty of space from front to back, but minimal space from side to side, so builders must build deep instead of wide. The best house plans for narrow lots will maximize lot space, even when the width is narrow.

Narrow Lot The Rangemoss #1211

The Rangemoss #1211

Consider, as an example, The Rangemoss: For those seeking a spacious floor plan with a Craftsman exterior and efficient layout, look no further. This large home plan boasts over 3100 square feet and is filled with luxury families’ love. Entertaining spaces are plentiful throughout the house, starting with the open kitchen and breakfast and great rooms. Completely open, these rooms include ample cabinetry and countertop space, a built-in E-space for computers and homework, an angled serving bar and a stunning fireplace. This open layout allows guests to flow from room to room. Outside, there is a sprawling porch and patio that includes a summer kitchen, perfect for weather cooperating nights. The master suite features his-and-hers walk-in closets and an opulent master bath.

Building Vertically Makes Better Use of a Narrow Lot

Because a narrow lot is limited, sometimes the only option to add square footage is to build up instead of out. This is where two-story floor plans and row houses fit well. These plans capitalize on the vertical space in the home, sometimes even doubling the available square footage of the home’s footprint by building two (or more) stories on the lot. Floor plans for small lots are often described as “living larger” than they appear from the street.

Narrow Lot The Tipperary #1201

The Tipperary #1201

The Tipperary from Donald A. Gardner Architects is an example of a two-story plan designed for narrow lots. While it appears small and cozy from the street, The Tipperary’s exterior hides the fact that it has three bedrooms and two and half bathrooms spread amongst 3,332 square feet. It also has a 396 bonus room on the second story — ideal for a play room or media room. A gabled roof, two front porches with distinctive columns and welcoming front steps add lovely curb appeal.

Narrow lots are the premier choice for budget-conscious buyers and builders in areas where land is at a premium. The right floor plans, which build upward or backward instead of side to side, can provide a spacious living space, in spite of lot constraints. Donald A. Gardner Architects has a number of designs that make this possible. Talk to our customer service team today to find the ideal design when you are working with a narrow lot.


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  1. judy wilson on

    I liked what you said about having a house plan designed to build vertically when building on a narrow lot. This will come in handy now that I’m planning on having a new home built. The main reason I want it on a narrow lot is because I want to live on the same street as my parents. Building vertically will make it possible to have enough space for a yard for my kids to play on. Thanks for the tips!


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