The Benefits of a Three-Car Garage

The Benefits Of Three-Car Garage Home Plans 

Building your own home gives you the freedom to choose quite a few of its features. This ensures that the home has everything you need and want. One of the features you may wish to consider is a three-car garage. With three-car garage house plans from Donald A. Gardner Architects, your home can have ample storage and room for your family to grow.

The Benefits Of Three-Car Garage Home Plans 

The Cedar Creek Plan 959

Here are some advantages you can enjoy:

Utilize more space: A garage is something that is hard to expand. If you are building your home and limit yourself to a two-car garage, you may find yourself regretting the decision later. Three-car garages have many benefits that you will enjoy every day — even if you only own one or two cars. Not only will you have the ability to park both of your cars inside easily, but you will also have ample storage remaining. If you have a larger-than-average car, you will be confident that it will fit in the garage with room to spare. Should you decide to purchase a ride-on lawnmower, boats, bikes or other outdoor recreation equipment, you will have a spot to stash it, when not in use.

The Benefits Of Three-Car Garage Home Plans

The Cedar Court Plan 5004

Entertainment awaits: Yet three-car garage plans don’t just benefit you for storage and vehicle use. You will also find that they make an excellent space for entertaining. Pull the cars out, set up some tables and have plenty of space for your summer barbecue or other party! Add an extra freezer or refrigerator to increase your kitchen storage. You can even transform part of the garage into a workspace for those DIY projects. The options available when you have that additional space are only limited by your imagination.

The Benefits Of Three-Car Garage Home Plans

The Rockledge Plan 875-D

Our Three-Car Garage Plans

Donald A. Gardner Architects has a number of home plans that already feature three-car garages. You can also use our advanced search feature, and narrow your options based on other criteria you want.

The Benefits Of Three-Car Garage Home Plans 

The Bartlett Plan 1372

Easily Transform Any Design to a Three-Car Garage Plan

If you are looking at house plans and find that the plan you love only has a two-car garage, don’t worry. In fact, most house plans can be transformed into three-car garage house plans without changing the actual home layout.

When working with Donald A. Gardner Architects for your newly built home, our modifications department can modify your chosen home plan so that it fully meets your needs. If that means adding space for a third garage bay, not a problem! Contact the modifications team to learn more about our modifications services.

The Benefits Of Three-Car Garage Home Plans

The Monarch Manor Plan 5040

Find Three-Car Garage House Plans Today

Don’t build a dream home that you will find yourself regretting because the garage is too small. With the help of Donald A. Gardner Architects, you can find house plans with garages that have all of the features you need and want. Start searching today, or contact our team for help finding your ideal home plan.

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