Benefits Of Downsizing To Your Dream Retirement Home

Are you considering a new home for your golden years?

A growing number of retirees are leaving the homes where they raised their children and are choosing instead to downsize. If you are contemplating something smaller, retirement house plans offer the chance to build exactly what you want, with a size that fits your new needs.

The benefits of downsizing to your dream retirement home.

The Jenner plan 1185

What Features Benefit Retirees?

Retirement home floor plans aren’t just small in terms of square footage. There are some features that retirees seem to enjoy in their home plans, and for good reason. As you look for a smaller home design, consider these features:

  • A smaller layout — A smaller home plan means less maintenance and upkeep, as well as less of an investment.
  • A one-story design — As you get older, you’re going to find it harder and harder to navigate stairs. Look for a one-story design, or at least a first-floor master and laundry room.
  • Private guest rooms — A small retirement home doesn’t mean you won’t have your kids and grandkids visit, but retirees may enjoy some privacy between the guest room and the master suite, often putting them on different sides of the house.
  • Open floor plan — An open design with a large great room instead of separate living and dining areas makes it easy to entertain family, even in a smaller home.
  • Customization — Just because you’re downsizing doesn’t mean you can’t have a home that’s fully yours. You’ve worked hard to enjoy the benefits of retirement, so make sure you can experience them with a home plan you can customize.

These features mean less maintenance, less cost and more time to enjoy your retirement — rather than spending time working on your home. If you’re ready to enjoy these benefits, Donald A. Gardner Architects has the plans to fit your needs.

The benefits of downsizing to your dream retirement home.

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See the Possibilities With Retirement Home Floor Plans

If you’re ready to downsize for your retirement, Donald A. Gardner Architects can help. By shopping our house plans instead of existing homes, you will be able to decide the exact style of home you want. You will also be able to add the customized features that will make the home truly yours. These home plans are great for a wide range of people; including those still deciding the style of home they want, builders who want to offer smaller homes for retirees, and contractors who need a portfolio of homes to show to their potential clients. Whether you’re a retiree or a builder catering to the needs of retirees, these home plans are an excellent option.

The benefits of downsizing to your dream retirement home.

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By buying your home plans from Donald A. Gardner Architects, you can save money and frustration and any questions that come up during the build are easily answered. What’s more, modifications or customization are simple since you’re working with the original plan designer.

If you are looking for retirement house plans to make your small home exactly what you need, Donald A. Gardner Architects is ready to serve you. Browse our retirement houses or other small houses, and start building your dream home today. You can also contact us to talk to our design team, and we will be glad to help you find the perfect plan for your needs.

6 comments on “Benefits Of Downsizing To Your Dream Retirement Home

  1. Candace McElroy on

    For years have loved and looked at your plans – after building our current home which we designed (1995!) we realized it is much like one of your plans.
    We are now planning to downsize but also want to reduce the maintenance – inside and out. As an example, all stone, brick, some stained siding for exterior. Interior also, like stained baseboards and moldings rather than painted.
    Hope to see some of these in your ‘retiree’ homes.

  2. Mark Sebren on

    My wife and I are in the process of building a modified version of the “Astaire”. We reduced the plan to 3 bedrooms, each with its own private bath, and relocated the bonus room above the kitchen. This allowed us to have a much larger pantry as well. Not sure it it will be our “forever” home but we’re very excited about moving in!

  3. sue miller on

    As a matter of fact, in a couple years when we are retired we will be interested in purchasing one of your plans. To be honest though, our super dream house is actually a combo of the following 2 plans: The basic floor plan and general size of the Dunwood W-GOO-299 ( We’d opt for a larger walk-in pantry where the current wetbar/closet/pantry is by the kitchen with the door fronting toward the kitchen. We’d also add a powder room bath in the Bonus room where the attic storage corridor is and then seal up the attic access from that third bedroom on that floor. Since the Dunwood has two stair access points to the top floor, this would work keeping the bonus room separate from the top stairs bedroom area). We would also prefer to have the Master bedroom/bathroom wing set up just like the Blarney # W-GOO-1424 (with an added fireplace in the master backing up against the one in the Great Room). We would also want a three car garage as in the Blarney. Older people like large bedroom wings and also extra garage space for their new outdoor toys. The convenience of almost shutting off the bedroom part of top story when visitors aren’t around is also VERY appealing. I’ve frankensteined our combo plan on paper and shown it to friends in our age bracket and they think it’s pretty darn brilliant. I jokingly call it the “Blarnwood” or the “SugarMill” which is a combo of our last names “Sugar” and “Miller”. It’s actually a perfect main floor living set-up if you really look at it. Ever think you would design one like that ? You already have the basic plans already and it would take some professional structural and size tweaking but with the response I’ve gotten, empty nesters or the more elderly would really dig it!!!! Who do I send this idea to so that you guys give it consideration to make into a new offering?


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