The Advantages of Using Brick or Stone Siding

Choosing brick or stone siding for your new dream home!

If you are making the choice to build your home rather than buy an existing home on the market, you will have more control over what products and finishes go into the design. The siding that you choose will have a major impact on the overall appearance and style of your home. When you build, you can opt for traditional siding options, or choose something that gives your home additional durability and character. At Donald A. Gardner Architects, we have large selection of homes with brick or stone exterior options that can meet your needs and preferences.

Home plans with brick or stone siding

The Harrison Plan 1375

What to Expect With Brick and Stone Siding Options

Why should you consider brick or stone for your home’s siding? First, these siding options have incredible durability and longevity. Brick and stone are much more resilient than other siding options. Many homes built over 100 years ago still have their original brick or stone siding. These options work well in all climates, and rarely are damaged by hail or wind.

A second reason to consider stone or brick for your home’s siding is the overall look of the home. Stone or brick offers a high-end look and with the manufactured options that are available, it doesn’t have to break your budget. The Harrison is a Craftsman design with a mix of cedar shakes and stone siding. This combination creates exceptional curb-appeal with an interesting mix of color and texture.

Finally, brick or stone siding is ideal because of its low-maintenance nature. You never have to repaint brick or stone. Plus, wear is minimal, even after decades of use. All the maintenance necessary for most brick or stone is the occasional power washing to remove built-up grime.

Home plans with brick or stone siding

The Eastlake Plan 1256

Large Variety of Brick and Siding Home plans

If you are looking for stone or brick siding, you will find great variety with Donald A. Gardner Architects.

The Eastlake, one of our more popular designs, is a home plan with brick siding. The elegant exterior, with its spacious porch and curving windows, is perfectly accented by durable brick siding.

Those who prefer stone siding will appreciate the look of The Primrose. This cozy ranch-style home is complemented by stone accents. Inside, an open floor plan encourages family camaraderie.

Home plans with brick or stone siding

The Primrose Plan 1316

Purchase Brick and Stone Siding Home Plans Today

If you are ready to purchase a home plan with brick or stone siding, visit our website at You can also contact our team to get expert help finding a home plan that has all the features you need and want.

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